Subject   Authors
Modeling Dynamic Human Ecologies: Examples from Northern Mesopotamia. 2006. (Edinburgh, Scotland BANEA conference)   Mark Altaweel,
Tate Paulette,
John Christiansen
5.96 MB
A Practical Approach for Constructing Flexible and Robust Simulations for Complex, Heterogeneous Problem Domains. 2005. (Tucson, AZ workshop)   John H. Christiansen
10.3 MB
Modeling Complex Behavior: Integrating Natural and Social Behavioral Models for Understanding Past Societies. 2005. (Mussoorie, India workshop)   Mark Altaweel,
John Christiansen
7.90 MB
Modeling Ancient Settlement Systems with the ENKIMDU Simulation Framework. 2005. (Florianópolis , Brazil workshop)   John H. Christiansen, Mark Altaweel
9.70 MB
Agent-Based Holistic Simulations of Bronze Age Mesopotamian Settlement Systems. 2005. (Tomar, Portugal CAA conference)   John Christiansen, Mark Altaweel
5.63 MB
“Modeling Long-Term Culture Change” Workshop at the Santa Fe Institute, October 24-27, 2004
  "Reconstructing a third Millennium BC City State in Upper Mesopotamia: The landscape framework for the simulation model", 2004   Tony Wilkinson, Magnus Widell PDF 10.9 MB
  "Simulating a Bronze Age City State Under Stress", 2004   John H. Christiansen, Mark Altaweel  PDF  5.78 MB
  "Developing a model of urbanization for the southern Mesopotamian landscape”, 2004   Carrie Hritz, M. Gibson, T.J. Wilkinson  PDF  7.47 MB
"Reconstruction of Settlement and Land Use as Basis for Simulating Human-environment Interactions in a Third Millennium BC Community", 2004   T.J. Wilkinson, Jason Ur
1.00 MB
"Text-Based- Modeling Of Upper Mesopotamia In The Third And Second Millennia B.C." 2004   Magnus Widell, David Schloen, Jacob Lauinger, Jonathan Tenney
893 KB
"Simulation of Natural and Social Process Interactions in Bronze Age Mesopotamian Settlement Systems", 2004   John H. Christiansen, Mark Altaweel
1.48 MB
"Southern Mesopotamian Landscape as input for a model on ancient Mesopotamian Society", 2004   Carrie Hritz, McGuire Gibson
997 KB
"A Case Study In The Reconstruction Of Early Bronze Age Agricultural Zones In Northern Mesopotamia", 2003. Under revision for publication   Jason Ur, Magnus Widell    
"First-Year Project Activities: Design and Implementation of a “Virtual Ancient Mesopotamia” Simulation Software Framework", 2003   John H. Christiansen
1.46 MB
"Some Observations on the Administration, Agriculture and Animal Management of Tell Beydar", Ugarit-Forschungen 35, 2004. In press.
  Magnus Widell    
"Seeding and Plowing Practices in Nuzi", Studies on the
Civilization and Culture of Nuzi and the Hurrians 15, 2004. In press.

  Magnus Widell    
"Settlement Systems within a Dynamic Environment and Economy: Contrasting Northern and Southern Mesopotamian City Regions", 2004 (Updated extract from NSF proposal)    
49 KB
"ENKIMDU: A Multidisciplinary Landscape Simulator for Ancient Mesopotamia", 2004    
7.44 MB
"Overview of the DIAS Framework", 2004    
536 KB
"A flexible object-based software framework for modeling complex systems with interacting natural and societal processes", 2000   John H. Christiansen
300 KB
"FACET: An object-oriented software framework for modeling complex social behavior patterns", 2000   Jayne E. Dolph, John H. Christiansen, Pamela J. Sydelko
1.45 MB
"FACET: A Simulation Software Framework For Modeling Complex Societal Processes And Interactions", 2000   John H. Christiansen
417 KB
"Introduction to the FACET Social Modeling Framework", 2004    
1.30 MB


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