Tom Van Eynde: Thebes Photographic Project

Gebel el-Silsila East. The sandstone rock quarries of Gebel el-Silsila are located about 152 kilometers south of Luxor on both the east and west banks of the Nile River. Gebel el-Silsila marks the geographical location in Nile Valley geology where the limestone rock formation to the north gives way to primary sandstone formations to the south. Typical of most Egyptian stone quarries, the quarries of Gebel el-Silsila East are rectangular caves cut into the sides of the cliffs and mountain. This photograph evokes the lonely and eerie qualities of these dark cavernous structures that stretch far back into the rock, their ceilings supported by rows of rock-cut pillars. Today, only the bats live here. (Caption - Peter Piccione)

All the photographs were made with a Fujica G617 Panorama Camera. The film is TriX. The prints are made on llford Mulitgrade Fiber base paper. The original prints are 7"x22" on 10"x24" paper.