Tom Van Eynde: Thebes Photographic Project

Kalabsha Temple Island, Lake Nasser. The Temple of Kalabsha is on the distant knoll with a modern graveyard of ships in the foreground below. This artificial island was formed by the rising waters of Lake Nasser, resulting from the Aswan High Dam. On the island today have been re-erected the Nubian temples of Kalabsha, Gerf Hussein, Beit el-Wali and the Qertassi Shrine, as well as numerous inscribed stelae and predynastic rock carvings. All these structures were moved and rebuilt over twenty years ago as part of the Nubian Salvage campaign. This photo was taken in 1989, when the water-level of the lake had dropped so low that land around the "island" had re-emerged from the lake bed. (Caption - Peter Piccione)

All the photographs were made with a Fujica G617 Panorama Camera. The film is TriX. The prints are made on llford Mulitgrade Fiber base paper, toned with Kodak Rapid Selenium toner. The original prints are 7"x22" on 10"x24" paper.