Oriental Institute 2012-2013 Annual Report

The Entire 2012-2013 Annual Report In A Single Adobe Acrobat Document


Introduction. Gil J. Stein
In Memoriam: Deborah Aliber
In Memoriam: Nina Longley
In Memoriam: Barbara Mertz
In Memoriam: Janey Russell
In Memoriam: Mari Terman


Archaeology of Islamic Cities. Donald Whitcomb
Chicago Demotic Dictionary (CDD). François Gaudard and Janet H. Johnson
Chicago Hittite and Electronic Hittite Dictionary (CHD and eCHD). Theo Van Den Hout
Eastern Badia Archaeological Project: Maitland's Mesa, Jordan. Yorke M. Rowan
Epigraphic Survey. W. Raymond Johnson
Household Studies in Complex Societies. Miriam Müller
Jericho Mafjar Project. Donald Whitcomb
Kerkenes Dag Project. Scott Branting
Marj Rabba. Yorke M. Rowan and Morag M. Kersel
Mummy Label Database (MLD). François Gaudard
Nippur. McGuire Gibson
Oriental Institute Nubian Expedition (OINE). Bruce B. Williams
Persepolis Fortification Archive (PFA) Project. Matthew W. Stolper
Tell Edfu. Nadine Moeller and Gregory Marouard
Writing in Early Mesopotamia. Christopher Woods and Massimo Maiocchi


Individual Research 2012-2013



  • Special Exhibits. Emily Teeter
  • Publicity and Marketing. Emily Teeter
  • Registration. Helen McDonald and Susan Allison
  • Archives. John A. Larson
  • Conservation. Laura D'Alessandro
  • Prep Shop. Erik Lindahl
  • Suq. Denise Browning
  • Photography. Anna R. Ressman
Museum. Jack Green


  • Youth and Family Programs. Moriah Grooms-Garcia
  • K-12 Teacher and Student Programs. Carol Ng-He
  • Adult Programs. Catherine Kenyon
Public Education and Outreach. Catherine Kenyon
Volunteer Program. Terry Friedman


Development. Tracy Tajbl
Visiting Committee
Membership. Amy Weber
Social Media. Moria Grooms-Garcia, Mónica Vélez, and Amy Weber
Special Events. Brittany F. Mullins
Honor Roll or Donors and Members


Faculty and Staff of the Oriental Institute