December 13, 1995

The Oriental Institute's Museum Education Department announces a number of Adult Education courses for 1995-96, one of which is an email correspondence course on cuneiform writing.

November 24, 1995

A sample page (F) from the Chicago Demotic Dictionary is now available, showing how the Demotic Dictionary will be formatted.

November 22, 1995

A new article, SWORDS, ARMOR, AND FIGURINES - A Metalliferous View from the Cental Taurus, is now available in the Göltepe/Kestel Project from the Archaeology Home Page.

A new article, COMPUTERS, GRAPHICS, AND PAPYROLOGY, is now available in the Demotic Dictionary Project from the Philology Home Page. This article, from a paper at the 20th International Congress of Papyrologists, discusses the use of computers and the scanning of Demotic texts in preparing the Chicago Demotic Dictionary.

A second article, DEMOTIC DICTIONARY PROJECT - Sample Document - P OI 10551, uses a single Demotic text from the Oriental Institute to explain the various stages of compilation in preparing for writing entries for the Chicago Demotic Dictionary.

November 15, 1995

The Oriental Institute Membership Office announces the second of several Travel Programs, Wonders Of Egypt And Cruising Lake Nasser. Travel to Egypt and Nubia and visit several of the most important monuments of ancient Egypt from February 4-18, 1996.

The Oriental Institute Membership Office announces the third of several Travel Programs, Syria: The Fertile Crescent. Travel to Syria to visit ongoing Oriental Institute projects and other archaeological sites in this most important area in ancient Near Eastern history, as well as visiting more recent marvels such as the crusader castle at Krak des Chevaliers and the strategically situated Homs Pass.

The Oriental Institute Membership Office announces the fourth of several Travel Programs, Treasures Of Ancient Near Eastern Art: The Paris And Berlin Collections. Travel to Paris and Berlin to visit two of the world's major Near Eastern collections.

November 13, 1995

The Oriental Institute Membership Office announces the first of several Travel Programs, Fort Worth: Assyrian Reliefs. Travel to the Kimball Art Museum in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas to view the British Museum's Assyrian Reliefs from January 26-28, 1996.

November 2, 1995

You may notice several photos of our Museum's Egyptian mummies scattered around our Web pages. The mummies want the world to know how excited they are about the Institute's new building and renovation project, the Legacy Campaign. This is your opportunity to learn about the new facilities planned for the Oriental Institute and its Museum in the near future.

October 26, 1995

You may have noticed the CyberSurfari '95 logo on our HomePage. The Oriental Institute is participating in the Software Publishers Association's Internet Treasure Hunt, where school teams, families, and individual surfers search the Web to benefit education. Participants in CyberSurfari '95 "surf" the world-wide internet for cash and prizes from October 24 to November 7, 1995.

September 5, 1995

An indepth description of the University of Chicago's Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization (NELC) is now available on the University's Department of Humanities Web Server. The same files are reachable from the NELC Home Page on the Oriental Institute WWW Server.

September 5, 1995

The Computer Laboratory Home Page has been updated with a more complete listing of its current hardware facilities. The same updating for software currently used by Institute research projects will follow shortly.

August 18, 1995

The Epigraphic Survey Home Page has been updated with additional information on their work at Luxor Temple and Medinet Habu, the 1926-27 and 1993-94 Staff photographs, and synopses and images from the Survey's most recent, and pending, publications are now available.

July 24, 1995

Two new Gift Ideas have been added to Museum Suq Store Gift List.

July 10, 1995

A new Museum section, the ORIENTAL INSTITUTE PHOTOGRAPHIC ARCHIVES, is now available from the OI WWW Home Page and the Museum Home Page. It contains a selection of archival photographs from the collections of the Oriental Institute, with images documenting nearly a century of historic excavations at Persepolis, Medinet Habu, Khorsabad, Tell Asmar, Nubia, and other ancient Near Eastern sites. The images are integrated with information about the expeditions, artifacts presently in the Oriental Institute Museum, bibliographies, and more!

June 16, 1995

A new bibliographic reference Women In The Ancient Near East is now available as a part of the Oriental Institute Research Archives. It is a select bibliography of recent sources in the Research Archives, compiled by Terry G. Wilfong.

June 8, 1995

The Oriental Institute Museum Suq (Store) is now on-line, available from the Museum and Museum Suq Home Pages.

June 7, 1995

A new article, WHO WAS WHO AMONG THE ROYAL MUMMIES, is now available from the Individual Scholarship Home Page.

June 3, 1995

A new article, TIN SMELTING AT THE ORIENTAL INSTITUTE, is now available in the Göltepe/Kestel Project from the Archaeology Home Page.

May 5, 1995

A revised Oriental Institute Publications Office Price List is now available from the Publications Office Home Page.

April 28, 1995

A new method to navigate through the past three years of Oriental Institute Annual Reports is now available on our Home Page. The new Table of Contents listings will make it easier to view each issue as a facsimile of its print edition.

February 24, 1995

A statement entitled "Copyright and Permissions For Use" is now available on our Home Page, outlining ownership of and acceptable uses for the materials contained in the Oriental Institute's WWW database.

February 16, 1995

A document entitled "The Oriental Institue: A Brief History" is now available on our Home Page, as well as the Museum's Home Page. It details the Institute's early development, its archaeological, dictionary, and epigraphic projects, and evolution as a research institute documenting and studying the languages, history, and cultures of the ancient Near East.

February 10, 1995

The brochure for a 1987 Oriental Institute exhibition entitled "NUBIA - 'Its glory and its people'" is now available. Look in the Museum or Archaeology Projects: Nubia Salvage Project. The exhibition, presented by the Institute and the Oak Woods Cemetery Association, Chicago, highlighted Ancient Artifacts from Nubian Dynasties of Africa, 3500 B.C. to 1200 A.D.

The brochure for a 1992 Oriental Institute exhibition entitled "VANISHED KINGDOMS OF THE NILE: The Rediscovery of Ancient Nubia" is also available now. Look in the Museum or Archaeology Projects: Nubia Salvage Project. This exhibition is currently being held in conjunction with the Centennial celebration of The University of Chicago.

January 28, 1995

All of the 1993-94 Oriental Institute Annual Report documents are now available. Look in the appropriate Archaeology Projects, Philology Projects, and Individual Scholarship directories. These 1993-94 documents are illustrated with photographs, maps, and drawings, unlike the 1992-92 and 1992-93 series. We have also reduced the size of several image files (while hopefully retaining satisfactory viewing resolution) for two archaeology articles for the Nippur Expedition: 1) Patterns of Occupation at Nippur, and 2) Nippur, Sacred City of Enlil, Supreme God of Sumer and Akkad.

January 17, 1995

The Chicago House Bulletin, a communication of the Epigraphic Survey detailing the progress of work at Luxor, Egypt, and other events at Chicago House, is now available on our Web site. The last two editions, August and December, 1994, are included in the Archaeology Projects, on the Epigraphic Survey's Home Page.

January 5, 1995

During the next few weeks we will be providing text and image files from the 1993-94 Oriental Institute Annual Report, discussing the various research projects and individual scholarship undertaken by the faculty and staff during that year.