October 31, 2018

The Epigraphic Survey/Chicago House, Oriental Institute is back in Luxor for its 2018–2019 archaeological field season and is resuming documentation and conservation work at Luxor Temple, Medinet Habu, and Theban Tomb 107. In celebration of our 95th year in Luxor and the Centennial of the Oriental Institute, we are very pleased to announce that the digital drawing manual of Krisztián Vértes and the Epigraphic Survey, Digital Epigraphy, has outgrown the electronic book format and has evolved into its own website. As of November 1st, digitalEPIGRAPHY the website can be accessed at this link: 
digitalEPIGRAPHY incorporates all of the information on digital drawing techniques, Epigraphic Survey drawing conventions, tutorials, etc. found in the first edition of Digital Epigraphy, as well as an enormous amount of additional, updated information that was originally planned for the second and third editions and beyond. The website is completely open-ended and has the benefit of being able to change as fast as we do, with instant access to new digital epigraphic drawing methods and equipment as we learn about and test them, and it will allow the Epigraphic Survey to continue leading the way in cutting-edge epigraphic documentation and publication. We invite you all to check out this exciting new website regularly (since it will be constantly changing), and we encourage you to send us your comments and feedback. Enjoy!
W. Raymond Johnson,
Director, Epigraphic Survey