May 6, 2019

"Beyond Çatalhöyük: Socio-Environmental Dynamics in the Konya Plain, 10,000–500 BCE"

Michele Massa
Honorary Fellow British Institute at Ankara

May 8, 2019
12:00 PM
LaSalle Banks Room of the OI

This lecture has been cancelled.

This talk will discuss the results of the ongoing Konya Regional Archaeological Survey Project (KRASP), a research program aimed at providing a long-term perspective on the human-nature interplay within the semiarid landscapes surrounding the Çatalhöyük Neolithic megasite. Through fieldwork and the synthetic reassessment of earlier palaeoenvironmental, palaeoclimatic, and archaeological studies, KRASP has started placing the Neolithisation of the area and the rise of the Çatalhöyük megasite into a regional context. It is also documenting the increasing impact of growing populations and early states on the fragile ecosystems of the Konya Plain, following the rise of large centers, the development of irrigation systems and the creation of articulated territorial defences during the Bronze and Iron Ages.