June 25, 2014

A Spanish language edition of the Sennacherib prism (OIM A2793) has been published through the Universidad San Dámaso in the series Studia Biblica Matritensia 1: Roberto López Montero, Juan Antonio Pino Cano, and Elena Torres Torres. El prisma de Senaquerib (Chicago OIM A2793). Studia Biblica Matritensia 1 (Madrid: Ediciones Universidad San Dámaso, 2014). The Sennacherib prism is a famous text written in Akkadian with the cuneiform script detailing the campaigns of the Neo-Assyrian king. It was originally published in an edition by Daniel David Luckenbill, The Annals of Sennacherib, within the Oriental Institute Publications series (avaialbe here in the online catalog of the Research Archives).

Sennacherib prism (OIM A2793)