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The Museums Of Paris and Berlin

May 6-16, 2005

Escorted by Professors Peter Dorman and Christopher Woods, The Oriental Institute

Explore Europe's famed collections of Egyptian and Near Eastern art with Professors Peter Dorman and Christopher Woods. In Paris, we'll tour the exquisite Egyptian, Near Eastern, Greek, and Roman collections at the Musée du Louvre. Other stops include tours of the Musée des Antiquités Nationales and Musée Carnavalet, as well as visits to the Marais Quarter, Place des Vosges, Cathédrale Notre-Dame, and the Place de la Concorde, site of the obelisk inscribed to Ramses II that once stood at the Luxor Temple. Our stay in Berlin includes tours of the Aegyptisches Musuem (which houses the famous limestone bust of Nefertiti), the Sammlung Berggruen, and the Altes Museum. We'll also spend half a day at the Pergamon Museum, home to antiquities from both the ancient Near East and the Greek and Roman worlds. This spectacular collection includes lifesize reconstructions of the Hellenistic altar from Pergamon, the Ishtar Gate from Babylon, and the Market Gate from the Greek city of Miletus. Our last stops will take us to the new Jewish Museum and the Dahlem Museum complex.

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Home > Events > Travel