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Wonders Of Egypt and Cruising Lake Nasser

February 4-18, 1996

Eternal Egypt and the Nile: Cairo-a bustling modern city upon whose fringes lie the most wondrous of all ancient monuments, the Pyramids. But far to the south, beyond the First Cataract, is Nubia, a stark desert landscape relieved by the blue sky and the waters of Lake Nasser. The cliffs and sands hold magnificent temples dedicated to the gods of this harsh land, which we at the Oriental Institute are delighted to offer you the opportunity of experiencing. For the first time we will sail on the waters of Lake Nasser, only recently opened to cruise ships. You will see ancient Nubia as has never been possible before. Previously difficult excursions to sites such as the Amada Oasis and Wadi Seboua (with the temples of Dakkah and Maharraqah and Qasr Ibrim) have been replaced by an elegant cruise ship on the Nile. We will of course also visit the great sites of northern Egypt: the pyramids of Giza and Sakkara, Old Cairo, the Khan el-Khalili, the tombs of Luxor and Aswan and the mystery of Karnak.

Your guide for this journey will be Egyptologist Peter Piccione, whose many years of work in Egypt, with Chicago House, and with the Oriental Institute Travel Program will offer our travelers the best in academic and practical leadership.

Space on this adventure is very limited, so I urge you to act quickly to reserve your place. We hope that you will be able to join us.

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Home > Events > Travel