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From Alexandria to Amman: The Red Sea and the Rose City

March 6-23, 1997

Dear Members and Friends:

I am delighted to offer you the opportunity to join the Oriental Institute on an exciting and informative travel experience to Lower Egypt, the Sinai Peninsula, and Jordan. This is a trip through the ages and across cultural boundaries: from the ancient village of Rhacotis to the modern cities of Alexandria, Cairo, and Amman; from crusader castles to some of the finest early Islamic architecture; from the monastery at St. Catherine's to the palaces of the Umayyads.

The individual sites--the Pyramids at Giza, Rosetta, Mt. Sinai, and Petra--are themselves rich with historical significance and aesthetic beauty, and the opportunity to experience them all in one journey gives travelers a rare tangible experience of the history of the area. No matter your area of interest--ancient Egyptian, early Christian, medieval Islamic--this tour offers some of your favorite sites, and will also reveal new worlds and eras to you.

Leading the tour is Dr. Donald Whitcomb, Research Associate (Associate Professor) at the Oriental Institute. Dr. Whitcomb has more than a quarter-century of archaeological experience in the region, and is currently excavating the Islamic port of Ayla at modern Aqaba. He has previously worked in other areas of Jordan, Syria, and Egypt, including the Oriental Institute site at Quseir al-Qadim, and conducted a survey of the Sinai Peninsula for the Smithsonian Institution.

Space on this program is strictly limited to 24 people, so I urge you to quickly reserve your place.


William M. Sumner


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