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November 15–December 1, 2009

Splendors of The Nile

Escorted by Dr. Nadine Moeller

Join us on a dahabya, or sailing river yacht, for a luxurious voyage to visit some of the most beautiful and famous sites along the lush banks of Egypt’s lifeline-the Nile. This trip is a great introduction to Egypt and a treat for anyone who wants to see Egypt through the eyes of a Nile traveler. We will experience many of the famous landmarks of Egyptian history as well as exclusive site visits and on-site learning.

Oriental Institute faculty member Dr. Nadine Moeller is director of excavations at Edfu, one of the most important sites in the study of ancient Near Eastern urban development and Egyptian civilization. This trip features an in-depth visit to Tell Edfu.

Registration for this program is now closed. Please contact the Membership Office at 773-834-9777 or if you would like to be informed of our upcoming travel programs to the Near East in 2010 and 2011.

Click here for detailed itinerary.
Follow OI Faculty, Staff, and Members on Splendors of the Nile by reading their travel blog!

Revised: November 19, 2009

Home > Events > Travel