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Ancient Anatolia: A Journey To Turkey

September 28 - October 13, 1996

For the better part of this century, the Oriental Institute has been involved in the recovery of the languages, history and cultures of ancient Anatolia. The Institute sponsored the Anatolian-Hittite expedition of 1926-30, excavations in the Amuq valley in 1931-38, and the more recent work of Robert and Linda Braidwood at Çayönü. The last several years have seen the Institute devote more attention to Anatolian archaeology with the work of Assis tant Professor K. Aslihan Yener's work at the Kestel Mine at Göltepe, where a major source of ancient tin was discov ered, and now in the Amuq Valley near Antioch. These archaeological projects are complemented by the work of the Chicago Hittite Dictionary Project, and by individual research projects of our faculty and research associates.

It is then particularly appropriate that the Oriental Institute sponsor this extraordinary travel program which will take you to the centers of the many ancient civilizations of Turkey---to the cities of the Hittites at Hattusa and Karatepe, the remains of Constantinople, the painted rock churches of Cappadocia, the Phrygian capital at Gordion, and the extraordinary hill-top tomb of king Antiochus at Nemrut Dagi. A very special feature of the program is a visit to the Amuq where Dr. Yener will introduce us to her work.

Your escort/lecturer for this program is Dr. Emily Teeter, Assistant Curator of the Oriental Institute Museum. Emily has led many tours to Turkey in the last decade, and she will ensure that this is a memorable experience.

Space on this program is strictly limited to 18 people, so I urge you to quickly reserve your place.

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