Since 1951 the Oriental Institute Advisory Council supports, advises, and advocates the mission of the OI – an interdisciplinary research center that integrates archaeological, textual, linguistic, and art historical data to understand the development and functioning of the ancient civilizations of the Middle East from the earliest Holocene through the Medieval period. 

Executive Committee

John W. Rowe, Council Chair

Andrea Dudek

Carlotta Maher

Thomas C. Heagy

Arthur Lee Herbst

 O. J. Sopranos

Advisory Council

Guity Nashat Becker John W. McCarter, Jr.
Gretel Braidwood Catherine Novotny
Marjorie M. Fisher* Susan Padula
Margaret E. Foorman* John Otto Peters III
Byron Gregory Kitty Picken*
Lewis Gruber* Crennan M. Ray
Misty Gruber* Aimee Drolet Rossi
Howard Hallengren* Roberta Schaffner
Deborah Halpern Robert G. Schloerb*
Rex Haydon Lois M. Schwartz*
Janet W. Helman* Charles N. Secchia
Roger David Isaacs Coleman Seskind, M.D.
Barbara Jillson Rebecca Wilson Stein
Neil J. King Walter Vandaele
John D. Lawrence Anna M. White
Aldis Liventals Nicole S. Williams*


*Denotes a Life Member
Updated: 11/20/2019
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