Honor Roll of Donors and Members 

The Oriental Institute gratefully recognizes the many supporters who have furthered the mission and impact of the OI with a new gift, documented pledge, or documented estate commitment of $100 or more during fiscal year 2018–19 (spanning July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019). The following pages list the many members, partners, and contributors whose support helps to ensure and inspire excellence at the OI. We celebrate your commitment and are pleased to recognize publicly the impact of your generosity on the OI and our community. The OI’s ongoing research and discovery would not be possible without your financial investment in our work.

Thank You!

$1,000,000 and Above

Mr. Robert Parrillo

Mr. and Mrs. John W. and Jeanne M. Rowe, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. and Mrs. Sharukin and Elizabeth Yelda, Chicago, Illinois


The American Endowment Foundation, Hudson, Ohio


Alwin Clemens Carus Mineral Trust, Dickinson, North Dakota

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, Boston, Massachusetts

Mr. Howard E. Hallengren, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. and Mrs. Aldis V. and Malda S. Liventals, Wilton, Connecticut

Ms. Catherine Novotny Brehm, Chicago, Illinois

Ambassador John D. Ong, Hudson, Ohio

Esther Arnold Smith Revocable Living Trust


Dr. Robert Z. Aliber, Evanston, Illinois

Mr. Philip Elenko, New York, New York

Friends of the Oriental Institute


Dr. Guity N. Becker, Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago Community Trust, Chicago, Illinois

Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, Detroit, Michigan

Dr. Marjorie M. Fisher, Birmingham, Michigan

The Rhoades Foundation, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Alice Sgourakis, Oakland, California

University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Ms. Nicole S. Williams and Mr. Lawrence Becker, Glencoe, Illinois

Mr. Edward S. Delaplaine and Mr. Todd Wilson, Crownsville, Maryland

Ms. Andrea M. Dudek, Orland Park, Illinois

Mr. James L. Foorman and Mrs. Margaret E. Foorman, Kennebunk, Maine

Mr. Walter M. Guterbock and Mrs. Susan E. Guterbock, Anacortes, Washington

Mrs. Barbara Kipper, Chicago, Illinois

 The Kipper Family Foundation, Chicago, Illinois

Lucia Woods Lindley and Daniel A. Lindley Jr., New York, New York

 National Philanthropic Trust DAF, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

Ms. Susan Padula and Mr. Richard Padula, Barrington, Illinois

Ms. Betty L. Perkins, Los Alamos, New Mexico

Dr. Aimee L. Drolet Rossi and Dr. Peter E. Rossi, Los Angeles, California

 Schwab Charitable Fund, San Francisco, California

Mrs. Lois B. Schwartz, Los Angeles, California

Dr. Coleman R. Seskind, MD, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. O. J. Sopranos and Mrs. Angeline Buches Sopranos, Winnetka, Illinois

Dr. Matthew W. Stolper and Ms. Gwenda Blair, Chicago, Illinois


AHI International Corporation, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. John R. Alden, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Exxon Mobil Foundation, Spring, Texas

Mrs. Judy Fitz, West Bend, Wisconsin

Mr. Roger David Isaacs and Mrs. Joyce R. Isaacs, Glencoe, Illinois

Ms. Barbara Schubeler Jillson, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Arthur E. Ostergard, MD, Lake Oswego, Oregon

Mr. Andrew Peters and Mrs. Mei Ling Peters, New York, New York

Sir John Otto Peters III, KHS and Dame Kathleen Ryan-Peters, DHS, Long Beach, Indiana

Mr. Norman J. Rubash and Mrs. Norman Rubash, Evanston, Illinois

Mr. Robert G. Schloerb and Mrs. Mary W. Schloerb, Chicago, Illinois

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, Illinois

Ms. Anna M. White, Terre Haute, Indiana

Ms. Flora Yelda, Chicago, Illinois


Ms. Margery Al-Chalabi, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Stephen W. Baird and Mrs. Susan Baird, Glencoe, Illinois

Mr. Norman R. Bobins and Mrs. Virginia Bobins, Chicago, Illinois

The Robert Thomas Bobins Foundation, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Gretel Braidwood and Dr. Raymond D. Tindel, Earlysville, Virginia

Mrs. Anita Dulak and Mr. James Dulak, Mohawk, New York

Mr. Richard Early, Fort Myers, Florida

Far Horizons Archaeological & Cultural Trips Inc., San Anselmo, California

Colonel Jerry J. Felmley, USAF (retired), Tucson, Arizona

Mrs. Mary L. Gray, Chicago, Illinois

The Richard and Mary L. Gray Foundation, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Byron Gregory and Mrs. Sue Gregory, Wilmette, Illinois

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis and Misty Gruber, Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Deborah G. Halpern and Mr. Philip Halpern, Chicago, Illinois

IBM Corporation, Armonk, New York

Dr. Janet H. Johnson and Dr. Donald S. Whitcomb, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Neil J. King and Mrs. Diana H. King, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Rex C. Haydon and Dr. Maria C. Lozada, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. David W. Maher and Mrs. Jill Carlotta Maher, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Jackson W. Moore, Memphis, Tennessee

Mr. James B. Nicholson and Mrs. Ann V. Nicholson, Detroit, Michigan

Nuveen Benevolent Trust, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Virginia O'Neill, Littleton, Colorado

Dr. Audrius V. Plioplys, MD, and Dr. Sigita Plioplys, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Crennan M. Ray, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Dr. Yorke M. Rowan and Dr. Morag M. Kersel, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Roberta Schaffner, Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Barbara K. Schnitzer and Dr. Thomas J. Schnitzer, Chicago, Illinois

Schnitzer Family Foundation, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. James E. Schwinn, Shenandoah, Texas

The Charles & Elizabeth Secchia Foundation, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Mr. John C. Staley and Mrs. Phyllis S. Staley

Stephen and Susan M. Baird Foundation, Winnetka, Illinois

Ms. Sandra Stivison, Fort Myers, Florida

Mr. Robert Wagner and Mrs. Rose Wagner, Perrysburg, Ohio


Ms. Gail H. Adele, Bellingham, Washington

Ms. Janet Arey and Mr. Roger Atkinson, Sebastopol, California

Mr. Ronald R. Baade and Mrs. Marsha Baade, Winnetka, Illinois

Barnabas Foundation, Crete, Illinois

Mrs. Jean M. Brown, Lake Forest, Illinois

Community Foundation Serving Greeley & Weld County, Greeley, Colorado

Mr. Patrick Francis Conway and Mrs. Jeanne M. Conway, Rocky River, Ohio

Mr. E. Bruce Dunn and Mrs. Nancie Dunn, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Patrick Paul Fee and Mrs. Anne W. Fee, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Mr. Charles Barry Friedman and Mrs. Terry Friedman, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Gyu Gang, Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Glasser, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Bill Glassman and Mrs. Sandy Glassman, St. Louis, Missouri

Mrs. Linda Glick, Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Ellen P. Granger and Mr. Thomas D. Granger, Naples, Florida

Mr. Donald M. Green, Coral Gables, Florida

Dr. Petra Maria Blix and Dr. Benjamin Gruber, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Louise Grunwald, New York, New York

Ms. Ann C. Gunter, Evanston, Illinois

Mr. Collier Hands, Lovell, Maine

Mr. Thomas C. Heagy and Ms. Linda H. Heagy, Sea Island, Georgia

Mr. Douglas Hoffman and Ms. Shirlee A. Hoffman, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Patricia A.  Holst and Mr. Stephen L. Holst, Westport, Massachusetts

Mr. Christopher Hunt, Chicago, Illinois

MacLean-Fogg Company Inc., Mundelein, Illinois

Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana

Dr. Joseph W. Jarabak and Dr. Rebecca R. Jarabak, Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Christine S. Kamil and Mr. Waheeb N. Kamil, Westfield, New Jersey

Mr. Michael L. Klowden and Ms. Patricia D. Klowden, Santa Monica, California

Mrs. Deborah A. Bekken and Mr. Richard G. Kron, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Joseph T. Lach, PhD, Evanston, Illinois

Ms. Susan Lea Smith, Castle Rock, Colorado

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Lockhart, Rembert, South Carolina

Mr. James Charles Lugannani and Mrs. Atsuko Ann Lugannani, La Jolla, California

Mr. Norman Lyster, Greeley, Colorado

Lyster Family Foundation Fund Advisors, Greeley, Colorado

Mr. George MacDonald, Largo, Florida

Mr. Barry L. MacLean, Mundelein, Illinois

Mr. John D. Lawrence and Mr. Tim Marchesi, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Arthur M. Martin, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. John W. McCarter Jr. and Mrs. Judy McCarter, Northfield, Illinois

Mr. Richard A. Miller, Oak Lawn, Illinois

Mrs. Kate B. Morrison, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Karim Alexander Mostafa, New York, New York

Mostafa Family Charitable Lead Trust, Pasadena, California

Ms. Holly J. Mulvey, Evanston, Illinois

Mr. and Mrs. William J. O'Neill, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Sara N. Paretsky, Chicago, Illinois

Ambassador Anne Patterson and Mr. David R. Patterson, Falls Church, Virginia

Ms. Kate Pavlou, Bloomington, Illinois

Mrs. Elizabeth Peterjohn and Dr. Harlan R. Peterjohn, Bay Village, Ohio

Ms. Judy Powell and Mr. Lee J. Powell, St. Simons Island, Georgia

Mr. John W. Prange and Mrs. Margaret Prange, Laguna Beach, California

Mrs. Carol E. Randel and Mr. Don Michael Randel, Ithaca, New York

Dr. Miriam Reitz, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Cynthia A. Bates and Dr. Kevin F. Rock, Evanston, Illinois

Ms. Frances F. Rowan, Potomac Falls, Virginia

Randi Rubovits-Seitz Foundation, Washington, DC

Mr. Patrick G. Ryan and Mrs. Shirley W. Ryan

Dr. Bonnie M. Sampsell and Mr. R. B. Sampsell, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Mr. Kirk Lee Schmink, San Francisco, California

Dr. Richard Henry Beal and Dr. JoAnn Scurlock, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Charles M. Shea and Mrs. Mary G. Shea, Wilmette, Illinois

Mr. John L. Shellito and Mrs. Mary B. Shellito, Wichita, Kansas

Ms. Cory Breyer and Mr. Herman Siegelaar, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Ms. Lowri Lee Sprung, San Pedro, California

Ms. Rebecca Wilson Stein, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Mr. William R. Suddaby, Deland, Florida

Ms. Kathleen Sumner, Columbus, Ohio

Mrs. Barbara A. Thomas and Mr. Randolph Frank Thomas, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Walter H. A. Vandaele and Mrs. Annette A. Vandaele, Washington, DC

Mr. Gregory L. Vogel, Lisle, Illinois

Mr. Matthew Whealton, San Francisco, California

Ms. Barbara Breasted Whitesides and Mr. George M. Whitesides, Newton, Massachusetts

Dr. Katherine A. Wier, Naperville, Illinois

Mr. Charles Mack Wills Jr., East Palatka, Florida

Dr. Wendall W. Wilson, Victoria, Texas

Mr. Chad Yonker and Ms. Lorien Yonker, Chicago, Illinois


Dr. Thomas W. Andrews, Reading, Pennsylvania

Mrs. Lorraine Barba and Mr. Randolph Barba, Wilmette, Illinois

Ms. Julia A. Beringer, Western Springs, Illinois

Mr. Steven H. Camp and Ms. Heidi Camp, Winnetka, Illinois

Ms. Elizabeth F. Carter, Los Angeles, California

Mr. Robert Bauer and Mr. John Coble, Galesburg, Michigan

Ms. Sharon P. Cole, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Cynthia Coleman and Mr. Mark Coleman, Potsdam, New York

Mr. Charles F. Custer Jr., Redway, California

Mr. Robert O. Delaney, Winnetka, Illinois

Mr. Michael Dorner, St. Paul, Minnesota

Ms. Carol L. Forsythe and Mr. Scott M. Forsythe, Forest Park, Illinois

Mr. Charles Barry Friedman and Mrs. Terry Friedman, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Wolfgang Frye, Phoenix, Arizona

Mr. John R. Gardner and Ms. Dorothy Hannon Gardner, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Denise Glassman and Mr. Peter Glassman, Chevy Chase, Maryland

Ms. Sarah Glynn and Mr. William Glynn, Dekalb, Illinois

Mr. Frederick J. Graboske and Mrs. Patricia J. Graboske, Rockville, Maryland

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Graham, Camden, Maine

Ms. Barbara J. Hall, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Margaret B. Handelman, San Francisco, California

Mr. Richard Harwood, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Mrs. Carolynne A. Hertenstein and Mr. Scott E. Hertenstein, Cary, North Carolina

Ms. Leslie Hindman, Chicago, Illinois

Petty Foundation Inc., Littleton, Colorado

Dr. Gerald E. Kadish, Binghamton, New York

Mr. Robert Kao, West Linn, Oregon

Mr. Dominik Keller and Mrs. Madeleine Keller, Zollikon, Switzerland

Mr. Adrian R. J. Kerr, Fort Myers, Florida

Mr. Alexander Kintner, Evanston, Illinois

Mr. Morris Knutsen, West Des Moines, Iowa

Mr. Michael H. Levine and Ms. Susan Cohen Levine, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. John M. Livingood and Mrs. Amy Livingood, Bethesda, Maryland

Ms. Katherine A. Hicks-Lujan and Mr. Joseph A. Lujan, Corrales, New Mexico

Mr. Daniel R. Malecki, Kensington, California

Mr. Ronald A. Martinetti and Mrs. Ky Martinetti, Sierra Madre, California

Mr. Raymond McBride, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Gail P. McClain, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Ronald Michael and Mrs. Zena Michael, Hammond, Indiana

Dr. John C. Michael and Mrs. Christine G. Michael, Winnetka, Illinois

Ms. Eileen Nash, Hickling, United Kingdom

Mrs. Patricia L. Callis and Mr. James Nicholson, Pickerington, Ohio

Mr. William A. Farone and Ms. Cynthia H. O'Douohue, Irvine, California

Mr. Norman Perman and Mrs. Lorraine Perman, Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Nancy B. Petty and Mr. William D. Petty, Littleton, Colorado

Ms. Karen Phillips and Mr. Tom Phillips, Chicago, Illinois

Miss M. Kate Pitcairn, Kempton, Pennsylvania

Mr. Steven Anthony Clark and Ms. Janet L. Raymond, Oak Lawn, Illinois

Mr. Gary W. Rexford and Mrs. Lillian K. Rexford, Topeka, Kansas

Mr. Percy Mwanzia Wegmann and Ms. Karen M. Rexford, Austin, Texas

Ms. Anne N. Rorimer, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. John Eric Schaal and Mrs. Susan B. Schaal, Burr Ridge, Illinois

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Stephen Schubert, Singapore

Mr. Stephen T. Scott and Mrs. Geraldyne Blake Scott, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Bryan Sisson, Lewisville, Texas

Dr. Benjamin A. Smith-Donald and Mrs. Radiah A. Smith-Donald, Chicago, Illinois

TD Ameritrade, Omaha, Nebraska

The Baila Foundation, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Michael Trachtenberg, Cliffside Park, New Jersey

Dr. Robert Y. Turner, Haverford, Pennsylvania

Mr. Teed J. Welch, Waccabuc, New York

Mr. Eric B. Whitacre, Oro Valley, Arizona

Dr. Willard E. White, Phoenix, Arizona

Mr. Ralph E. Wiggen, Los Angeles, California

Mr. Robert I. Wilson and Mrs. Sharon Wilson, Peoria, Illinois

Ms. Elizabeth C. Stone and Mr. Paul E. Zimansky, Stony Brook, New York


Mr. Baird Smith Allis, Downers Grove, Illinois

 American Online Giving Foundation, Safety Harbor, Florida

Helge Anderson, Koln, Germany

Mr. Barry Atkinson and Mrs. Carol E. Atkinson, Port Orange, Florida

Ms. Nicole Beattie, Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Francesca Bennett and Mr. Thomas H. Bennett, New York, New York

Ms. Ellen C. Benson and Mr. George W. Benson, Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Judy Blau and Mr. Merrill Blau, Highland Park, Illinois

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Bliss, Excelsior, Minnesota

Ms. Sheila Bosron and Mr. William Bosron, Indianapolis, Indiana

Mr. Frederick G. Botha, Surprise, Arizona

Dr. John W. Boyer, PhD, and Mrs. Barbara A. Boyer, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Emily Teeter and Mr. Joseph Daniel Cain, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Joel R. Guillory Jr. and Dr. Janet V. Burch Chicago, Illinois,

Ms. Kathy Chioni, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Elizabeth A. Fama and Dr. John H. Cochrane, Palo Alto, California

Mr. Daniel Coleman, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Richard L. Cook and Ms. Sally W. Cook, Sherman Oaks, California

Mr. Mark D. Dawson and Mrs. Susan L. Dawson, Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Gwendolyn P. Dhesi and Mr. Nirmal Singh Dhesi, Santa Rosa, California

Dr. Elizabeth R. Gebhard and Mr. Matthew W. Dickie, Alexandria, Virginia

Mr. and Mrs. Pedro and Catherine Duenas, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. James L. Padgett and Ms. Rosanne Fitko, Lake Forest, Illinois

Ms. Joan S. Fortune, New York, New York

Dr. Samuel Ethan Fox, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Kere Frey, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Robert Gaines, Fort Mill, South Carolina

Mr. Gregory J. Gajda, Mount Prospect, Illinois

Mr. and Ms. Kevin and Susan Geshwender, Barrington, Illinois

Mrs. Paula A. Golden, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Helen T. Goldstein, Iowa City, Iowa

Ms. Patty Gerstenblith and Rabbi Samuel Gordon, Wilmette, Illinois

Mrs. Melody Hainline and Mr. T. R. Hainline, Jacksonville, Florida

Mr. Hill Hammock and Mrs. Cheryl W. Hammock, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Susan Hansen, Portsmouth, Virginia

Ms. Mary Jo Hartle and Mr. James B. Hartle, Santa Barbara, California

Ms. Lynn Carol Harvey, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Linda Houdek and Mr. Paul Houdek, Berwyn, Illinois

 Ira and Janina Marks Charitable Trust, Evanston, Illinois

Ms. Mary L. Jackowicz, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Erwin Jaumann, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Dr. William R. Jeffery, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Jollay Jr., St. Petersburg, Florida

Mr. and Ms. Richard E. and Marie T. Jones, Wilmette, Illinois

Mr. James F. Joyner, Spartanburg, South Carolina

Mr. Anthony J. Barrett and Ms. Marguerite Kelly, Harpswell, Maine

Ms. Karen Konwal and Mr. Roger Konwal, Elmhurst, Illinois

Mr. Bernard L. Krawczyk, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Katrinka T. Lally, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Sona Kalousdian and Mr. Ira Lawrence, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Richard Lee, Holland, Pennsylvania

Mr. Jeff Levine and Mrs. Rebecca Levine, Riverside, Illinois

Mr. Damon Darlin and Mrs. Bonnie E. Lilienfeld, Alexandria, Virginia

Mr. Paul E. Marks and Mrs. Anna A. Marks, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Chloe A. McKeever, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Ronald Michael and Mrs. Zena Michael, Hammond, Indiana

Mr. A. Patrick Papas and The Honorable Martha A. Mills, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Ken Grumet and Ms. Mary Morris, Evanston, Illinois

Ms. Janis F. Nall and Mr. Larry Nall, Sopchoppy, Florida

Mr. Christopher Newman and Ms. Marjorie K. Newman, Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Ms. Carol E. Owen and Mr. Clinton W. Owen, Chula Vista, California

Mr. Jeremy Ross Page, Wilmette, Illinois

Ms. Ila Patlogan, Flossmoor, Illinois

Mrs. Judith R. Phillips, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Stuart Kleven and Ms. Andrea Pogwizd, Bensenville, Illinois

Mrs. Semra Prescott, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Peter Raulwing, Saratoga, California

Mr. John Mach Jr. and Ms. Rebecca H. Mach, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ms. Karen Robinson, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Ms. Amy Rosenberg, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Wells Fargo Foundation Saint Paul, Minnesota,

Ms. Lynne F. Schatz and Mr. Ralph A. Schatz, Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Anne Rose Schumacher, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Abraham G. Seare, Salt Lake City, Utah

Mr. Robert M. Shelbourne and Mrs. Tatiana A. Shelbourne, Washington, DC

Dr. David P. Silverman, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mr. Andrew Simmons, Lake Forest, Illinois

Mr. Lawrence A. Stein, Esq, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Luis M. Bettencourt and Ms. Laura E. Steward, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Theresa He and Dr. Jonathan Blake Strauss, Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Peggy Lewis Sweesy, San Diego, California

Ms. Christine Tanner, Oak Park, Illinois

 The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region, Washington, DC

Ms. Kristin Thompson, Madison, Wisconsin

Ms. Deborah A. Sorondo and Mr. William Verelley, Mill Valley, California

Mr. Cesar C. Vidal, Miami, Florida

Mr. Leoti de Vries-Mostert, Waalre, Netherlands

Mrs. Carole J. Lewis and Mr. Thaddeus Walczak, Jensen Beach, Florida

Mr. Houze Wang, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Annie Y. Wang, Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Debra Ann Webber and Mr. Joel Andrew Webber, Lincolnshire, Illinois

Dr. Edward F. Wente, Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Inge K. Winer and Dr. Jerome A. Winer, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

Mr. Thomas K. Yoder, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Charles Lindsey and Mrs. Zikri Yusof, Des Plaines, Illinois

Ms. Atorina Zomaya, Skokie, Illinois

Mrs. Melissa S. White and Mr. Wayne L. White


Mrs. Susan L. Abrams and Mr. William Abrams, Highland Park, Illinois

Mr. James Jacob Adams and Ms. Gretchen L. Adams, Las Vegas, Nevada

Dr. Charles M. Adelman, Cedar Falls, Iowa

Ms. Rebecca L. Binkley Albright, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. John C. Aldrin and Mrs. Sylvia K. Aldrin, Gurnee, Illinois

Ms. Suzanne Alton de Eraso, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Salwa Alwattar, Deerfield, Illinois

Ms. Janis Anfossi, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Beverly Morris Armstrong and Mr. James Alan Armstrong, Arlington, Virginia

Mr. Edward H. Ashment and Ms. Nancy Ann Ashment, Greybull, Wyoming

Mr. Barry Atkinson and Mrs. Carol E. Atkinson, Port Orange, Florida

Dr. James H. Andrews and Dr. Donna M. Avery, Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Joan D. Barghusen, Portage, Indiana

Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Nancy Baum, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. John M. Beal, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Emily Beaver, Snyder, Texas

Mr. Roy Benedek, Riverside, Illinois

Mr. John F. Benjamin and Mrs. Esther R. Benjamin, Jupiter, Florida

Mr. Frederick N. Bates and Dr. Ellen J. Benjamin, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Susan Benjamin, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Catherine Bennett, Des Moines, Iowa

Ms. Carla F. Berry and Mr. R. Stephen Berry, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. David M. Bevington, Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Margaret Bevington, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Roger J. Bialcik, Downers Grove, Illinois

Mr. Clarence A. Anderson and Mr. Robert D. Biggs, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Esther Bit-Ivan, Jacksonville, Florida

Mr. Gregg Alan Rubinstein and Ms. Andrea C. Blackburn, Washington, DC

Mr. Edward C. Blau, Alexandria, Virginia

Mrs. Laura M. Boyd and Mr. Robert Earl Boyd III, Shorewood, Illinois

Mr. O. John Brahos, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Steve Aaron Brand and Mrs. Gail G. Brand, St. Paul, Minnesota

Mr. Alain Bresson, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Philip McCall Bridwell and Mrs. Courtney Bridwell, Seattle, Washington

Ms. Dawn R. Bronson, Palos Heights, Illinois

Mr. Ronald A. Brown, New York, New York

Dr. Nicholas Brown and Dr. Olga S. Radkevich-Brown, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Denise Browning, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Marilyn A. Brusherd, Sugar Grove, Illinois

Ms. Melisa Bulut, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Bruce P. Burbage, Venice, Florida

Mr. John F. Burke, Riverside, Illinois

Britt Burkholder, Crescent Mills, California

Ms. Elizabeth Bush, Lansing, Illinois

Mr. Timothy F. Cahill and Ms. Laurel V. Bell-Cahill, Sacramento, California

Mrs. Margery Stern Cahn, Santa Rosa, California

Mr. Joseph A. Calderone, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Arturo G. Carrillo and Ms. Ivonne Carrillo, Amarillo, Texas

Ms. Rosemary Carroll, Western Springs, Illinois

Ms. Mary Carstedt and Mr. William D. Carstedt, Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Marianne Carus and Mr. M. Blouke Carus, Peru, Illinois

Dr. Joseph Adams Greene and Mrs. Eileen Caves, Belmont, Massachusetts

Mrs. Amy H. Chan and Mr. Robert N. Chan, New York, New York

Mr. Harry F. Chaveriat Jr. and Mrs. Lois J. Chaveriat, Lake Forest, Illinois

Ms. Elizabeth Cherry, Ithaca, New York

Mr. Gary M. Childers, Oak Park, Illinois

Ms. Jane Comiskey, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Kimberly Cook, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Matt Crowl and Mrs. Holly Wilson Crowl, Chicago, Illinois

The Honorable Barbara F. Currie, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Katherine M. Damitz, Wheaton, Illinois

Ms. Gloria C. Phares and Mr. Richard Dannay, New York, New York

Ms. Rebecca Davidson, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Claude Davis and Mrs. Linda Davis, Hillsborough, North Carolina

Ms. Catherine Deans-Barrett, Corrales, New Mexico

Ms. Anastasia DeMaio, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Kevin M. Dent, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Ms. Ursula Digman, Elgin, Illinois

Ms. Susan M. Dobmeyer, St. Louis, Missouri

Mr. Cristian A. Downey and Mrs. Kimberly M. Downey, Antioch, Illinois

Ms. Patricia Doyle, Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Rose B. Dyrud, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Christopher Boebel and Ms. Glenna Eaves, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. C. David Eeles, Columbus, Ohio

Mr. George H. Elias, Rohnert Park, California

Mr. Ray Franklin Johnson and Ms. Linda P. Elliot, Palos Verdes Estates, California

Mr. Chris Ellis, Kirkland, Washington

Mr. Fred Eskra, Palos Park, Illinois

Ms. Ann R. Esse, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Mr. John Thomas Evrard and Ms. Marilyn Smith Evrard, Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Ms. Laura Farnum, Yorba Linda, California

Dr. Martin J. Fee and Dr. Janis D. Fee, North Tustin, California

Mr. Michael Ferrer, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Edith Fessler and Mr. Raymond Fessler, Evanston, Illinois

Ms. Ann L. Foster and Mrs. Gloria W. Foster, Evanston, Illinois

Mr. Charles J. Fraas Jr. and Mrs. Judy Fraas, Jefferson City, Missouri

The Rev. James E. Theselius and Ms. Debra T. Franzke, Brown Deer, Wisconsin

Mrs. Susan S. Freehling and Mr. Paul E. Freehling, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. John Freeman and Ms. Mary Louise Freeman, Naperville, Illinois

Ms. Elisabeth R. French, Washington, DC

Dr. Maria-Luisa Alegre and Dr. Thomas Frank Gajewski II, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Leanna Gaskins, San Francisco, California

Dr. Francois P. Gaudard, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Hildegard H. Geiger and Mr. Ted Geiger, Lake Villa, Illinois

Mr. Phillip K. George, Ravenna, Ohio

Dr. Margot Getman, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Henry S. Dixon and Ms. Linda Giesen, Dixon, Illinois

Sallie Gill, Barrington, Illinois

Mrs. Giedre Gillespie and Mr. Thomas J. Gillespie, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Lyle Gillman, Bloomingdale, Illinois

Msgr. Raymond Goehring, Lansing, Michigan

Mr. Karan Goel, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Howard Goldberg and Mrs. Natalie Goldberg, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Phyllis K. Goldblatt and Mr. Marvin J. Goldblatt, Evanston, Illinois

Ms. Adele S. Golden and Dr. William A. Golden, MD, Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts

Mr. Gregory Gene Knight and Ms. Constance Gordon, Eagle, Idaho

Dr. Gene B. Gragg, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Woodrow Gray, Naperville, Illinois

Mrs. Catherine T. Green and Mr. Francis P. Green, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Dr. Samuel Greengus and Mrs. Lesha Greengus, Cincinnati, Ohio

Mr. Stephen A. Gritton, Evanston, Illinois

Ms. Aviva Grumet-Morris, Morton Grove, Illinois

Mr. Richard C. Haines and Mrs. Susan H. Haines, Atlanta, Georgia

Mr. Bill Harms and Mrs. Myra Harms, Brentwood, California

Dr. Robert Haselkorn and Mrs. Margot Haselkorn, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Dave Hattorimanabe, San Jose, California

Mr. Matthew Hedman, Moscow, Idaho

Mr. Peter J. Hegel, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. H. Lawrence Helfer and Mrs. Joanne S. Helfer, Pittsford, New York

Ms. Marisel Hernandez and Mr. Steven Hernandez, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Hedda Hess, Chicago, Illinois

The Pattis Family Foundation Highland Park, Illinois,

Mr. David C. Hilliard and Mrs. Celia Schmid Hilliard, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Eileen M. Hoefler, Campbell, California

Mr. Frederick L. Whittinghill and Ms. Joanmarie Hofmann, Wesley Chapel, Florida

Mr. Walter Holden, Skokie, Illinois

Ms. Susan T. Hollis, Penfield, New York

Mrs. Olga Myriam Weiss and Dr. George Honig, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Herbert B. Huffmon, Easton, Pennsylvania

Mr. Arthur T. Hurley and Mrs. Susan L. Hurley, Napa, California

Mr. Todd Michael Hickey and Mrs. Mary Iacono, Benicia, California

Mrs. Julie C. Iacovelli and Mr. William B. Iacovelli, Concord, North Carolina

Trading Technologies International Inc., Chicago, Illinois

Benjamin Foundation Inc., Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Daniel G. Cedarbaum and Ms. Caryn Jacobs, Evanston, Illinois

Mrs. Barbara Schaffer Jaffe and Mr. Morton Jaffe, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Alvin James, Cedar Hill, Texas

Ms. Caroline C. January, New York, New York

Chris Jensen, Downers Grove, Illinois

Ms. Kelly Johnson and Mr. Mark E. Johnson, Tinley Park, Illinois

Ms. Mary Ellen Johnson, Geneva, Illinois

Ms. Pamela Johnson, Windermere, Florida

The Rev. Dr. Douglas Judisch, Livingston, Montana

Dr. Kannan Kandallu and Mrs. Ramaprabha Kandallu, Carmel, Indiana

Ms. Toyoko Kawase, Osaka-Fu, Japan

Mrs. Barbara Kenar-Schilling, Hammond, Indiana

Mrs. Faye Taylor Kirby and Mr. H. David Kirby, Sarasota, Florida

Ms. Alanna Kish, Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Rozanne Klinzing and Mr. Robert Klinzing, Leawood, Kansas

Mrs. Julia F. Knight and Mr. William J. Knight, South Bend, Indiana

Dr. Irmgard K. Koehler, MD, Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Annie A. Kohl, Media, Pennsylvania

Ms. Maurine E. Kornfeld, Los Angeles, California

Dr. Steven K. Clinton and Dr. Sandra K. Kostyk, Dublin, Ohio

Mr. Nicholas M. Kotcherha and Mrs. Maruchi Kotcherha, Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Ms. Silvia Beltrametti and Mr. Jay F. Krehbiel, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Carole Krucoff and Mr. Larry S. Krucoff, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Lottie J. Krzywda, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Leonard J. Kutyla, Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Amey Larmore and Mr. Charles Larmore, Providence, Rhode Island

Ms. Laura L. Larner-Farnum, Yorba Linda, California

Mrs. Theresa Hannah and Mr. Don Larson, Glenview, Illinois

Mr. Gregory Lawton, Perkasie, Pennsylvania

Mr. Antwane O. Lee, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Raymond John Jones and Ms. Patricia Lee, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. John A. Lee, Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Barbara S. Lesko and Dr. Leonard Henry Lesko, Seekonk, Massachusetts

Mr. John G. Levi and Mrs. Jill F. Levi, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Joan D. Levin, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Robert A. LindquistJr., Lake Forest, Illinois

Mr. Paul S. Linsay and Ms. Roni A. Lipton, Newton, Massachusetts

Ms. Janet Lissak and Mr. Laurence Lissak, Lombard, Illinois

Jing Liu, Beijing, Peoples Republic of China

Mr. John W. Locke and Ms. Judith R. Locke, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Janet L. Loegering, Rohnert Park, California

Ms. Melynda Lopin, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. William L. Lord and Ms. Susan Lord, Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Dianne C. Luhmann, La Grange, Illinois

Mr. Richard Lundgren, Plainfield, Illinois

Ms. Anita Lutkus, Wilmette, Illinois

Ms. Heidi Lyss, Orinda, California

Mr. Hugh C. MacFarlane Jr., Sarasota, Florida

Ms. Debra H. Mack, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Christine Lehto Malcolm and Mr. Mark Justin Malcolm, Hinsdale, Illinois

Mr. Michael Mallett and Mrs. Anne Mallett, Findlay, Ohio

Mr. Jonathan Ulrey Curtis and Mrs. Martha Ann Margowsky, Venice, California

Ms. Sharon Marine, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. William Markey and Dr. Constance Markey, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Karen L. Marshall, New York, New York

Dr. Glennda S. Marsh-Letts, Springwood, Australia

Mr. Paul N. Massa, Valley Stream, New York

Mr. Tharakan Mathai, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mr. Michael Ferris McCarney, Griffith, Indiana

Ms. Helen McDonald, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Craig McKeown and Mrs. Cynthia McKeown, Middletown, New Jersey

Ms. Nancy Lennon and Mr. John F. McNellis, Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Deyne T. Meadow and Mr. Richard H. Meadow, Canton, Massachusetts

Mr. Dimitri Meeks, St. Clement de Riviere, France

Ms. Mary P. Mehl, St. Joseph, Missouri

Mr. R. Darrell Bock and Ms. Renee Marie Menegaz-Bock, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Susan F. Messinger, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Nancy M. Michael, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Piotr Michalowski, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Dr. James A. Brown and Ms. Ruth Aizuss Migdal, Evanston, Illinois

Mrs. Allison Mignone and Mr. Roberto Mignone, Bronxville, New York

Ms. Florence Kate Millar, Bethesda, Maryland

Dr. William K. Miller, Duluth, Minnesota

Ms. Maybrit S. De Miranda, Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Mr. Gene Mitchell, Madison, Wisconsin

Dr. Greg Marouard and Dr. Nadine Moeller, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. D. R. Moffett and Mrs. Jane M. Moffett, Chatham, Massachusetts

Mr. Kenneth Moore, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Suzanne Morgan, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Julie Morgan, Sea Cliff, New York

Mrs. Alicia Morse and Mr. Robert Morse, Annapolis, Maryland

Mr. Anthony John Mourek and Mrs. Karole Mourek, Riverside, Illinois

Mr. Henry Moy, Idabel, Oklahoma

Ms. Sarah Murphy, San Mateo, California

Mr. Douglas G. Murray and Mrs. Isobel M. Murray, Santa Barbara, California

Mr. David J. Pichurski and Ms. Marilyn R. Murray, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Ann L. Becker and Mr. David E. Muschler, Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Margaret Wilson Myers, Hanover, New Hampshire

Mr. Stanley F. Myers , Hanover, New Hampshire

Dr. Suzan Nadi, Bethesda, Maryland

Ms. Demetria D. Nanos, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Charles R. Nelson, Seattle, Washington

Mrs. Otto C. Nerad and Mr. Otto C. Nerad, La Grange Park, Illinois

Mr. John P. Nielsen and Mrs. Mary Anne Nielsen, Lombard, Illinois

Mr. Dale George Niewoehner, Rugby, North Dakota

Mr. Matthew Mule and Ms. Blandine Nothhelfer, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. James H. Nye and Mrs. Jean M. Nye, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Charles E. Jones and Dr. Alexandra A. O'Brien, State College, Pennsylvania

Mr. Michael J. O'Keefe and Mrs. Virginia S. O'Keefe, Des Moines, Iowa

Ms. Dorinda J. Oliver, New York, New York

Ms. Leslie Osterberg, Oak Park, Illinois

Ms. Martha Padilla, Sunland, California

Mrs. Lisa Pattis and Mr. Mark R. Pattis, Highland Park, Illinois

Ms. Ellen Elizabeth Pearson, San Francisco, California

Mr. Frederic C. Pearson, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Susan Elizabeth Kerr and Mr. Bruce L. Peterson, Bartlett, Illinois

Mr. Stephen Petitt, Cotuit, Massachusetts

Mr. Peter Phillips, Manchester, United Kingdom

Dr. Peter A. Piccione, Johns Island, South Carolina

Mrs. Yvonne L. Pommervile and Mr. Jeffrey C. Pommerville, Scottsdale, Arizona

Ms. Henrietta Bartizal Pons, Tucson, Arizona

Dr. Barbara A. Porter, Alexandria, Virginia

Mrs. Charlene H. Posner and The Honorable Richard A. Posner, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. John L. Cella Jr. and Ms. Laura Prail, Duluth, Minnesota

Mrs. Jane C. Preau and Dr. William J. Preau III, Covington, Louisiana

Mr. David F. Prindable, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Joseph A. Putz and Mrs. JoAnn Putz, Palos Heights, Illinois

Mr. Samuel D. Reed, San Francisco, California

Ms. Xue Y. Fung and Mr. David E. Reese, Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Laurie N. Reinstein, Highland Park, Illinois

Mr. Gerhard H. Reusswig and Mrs. N. Linn Reusswig, Joplin, Missouri

Mr. David R. Reynolds and Mrs. Pamela C. Reynolds, Oak Park, Illinois

Ms. Christine Rice and Mr. Michael Rice, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Dean F. Richardson, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mr. David Ross Rider and Mrs. Sherry R. Rider, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

Dr. Ronald A. Ferguson, MD, and Ms. Agnes A. Roach, CFP, Gurnee, Illinois

Dr. John F. Robertson, Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Mr. Daniel Nathan Robinson, Baltimore, Maryland

Ms. Richard N. Rodriguez, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Linda R. Rogers, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Saul Levmore and Ms. Julie A. Roin, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. William A. Romine, Walnut Creek, California

Mr. David Bland and Ms. Marianne Roos, Washington, DC

Dr. Valerie Fargo and Dr. John A. Roper III, Midland, Michigan

Ms. Sabine Rossow, Therwil, Switzerland

Mr. Jonah Roth, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Pablo Denes and Dr. Lucia B. Rothman-Denes, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Donald F. Rubovits and Mrs. Sandra Rubovits, Evanston, Illinois

Mr. Eitan D. Rude, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Walter E. North and Mrs. Judy Ryon, Orleans, Massachusetts

Mr. Mazin Fuad Safar and Mrs. Michal Safar, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Dan Saltzman, Portland, Oregon

Mr. John Sanders and Mrs. Peggy Sanders, Tucson, Arizona

Dr. Joseph Sanger, Syracuse, New York

Mr. John Sarr, Portland, Oregon

Mr. Bill Fortuna and Ms. Pamela Sayre, Dearborn, Michigan

Mr. Paul Z. Sakol and Ms. Hilda Schlatter, Oak Park, Illinois

Ms. Carol H. Schneider, Fremont, California

Dr. Hans Schreiber and Ms. Karin Schreiber, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Richard A. Schulman, Vero Beach, Florida

Mr. Roy Schwartz, Winchester, Virginia

Mr. Jack Scott, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Gail Seidel-O'Gorman, Barrington, Illinois

Dr. Michael Sha, Carmel, Indiana

Mr. Robert Eliot Shapiro and Mrs. Susan H. Shapiro, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Dorcy F. Sharifi and Dr. Subhi G. Sharifi, MD, Hemet, California

Ms. Roberta L. Shaw, Toronto, Canada

Mrs. Junia Shlaustas, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Anil Nerode and Dr. Sally Sievers, Ithaca, New York

Mr. David Slobodkin and Mrs. Orly Slobodkin, Forest Park, Illinois

Mrs. Adair Small and Mr. Kenneth Small, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Small, Bellingham, Washington

Ms. Mary W. Small, Kensington, California

Ms. Toni S. Smith, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Carol Meyer and Mr. Robert K. Smither, Hinsdale, Illinois

Ms. Amelia Smithers, Gentilino, Switzerland

Dr. Joe Smolik and Ms. Marjean Smolik, Coppet, Switzerland

Ms. Margaret Phillips Sobhani, Kenosha, Wisconsin

Dr. Haun Saussy and Dr. Olga V. Solovieva, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas H. Sommers, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Gretchen L. Sperry and Mr. Stephen C. Sperry, Maple Grove, Minnesota

Ms. Dee Spiech, Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Phyllis Mazer Sternau, New York, New York

Mr. Stephen M. Stigler and Mrs. Virginia Stigler, Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Faye E. Takeuchi, Vancouver, Canada

Mr. George M. Telthorst Jr. and Ms. Christine Ford Telthorst, Bloomington, Indiana

Ms. Vicky L. Tesmer, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Christine Thornblad, Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Ms. Jean M. Treese, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Lowell Kent Handy and Ms. Erica Lynn Treesh, Des Plaines, Illinois

Ms. Kathleen Treptow, Homewood, Illinois

Mr. Koby Tuby, Morton Grove, Illinois

Mr. Sugihiko Uchida, Niigata-shi, Niigata-ken, Japan

Mr. Richard G. Vandam, Brookfield, Connecticut

Mr. Wally Verdooren, Homewood, Illinois

Ms. Mariarita Santi and Mr. Stefano Vicini, Washington, DC

Mr. Charles H. Mottier and Mr. Philip Vidal, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. John Vinci, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Don Wacker and Ms. Mary W. Wacker, Issaquah, Washington

Mr. Douglas Baum and Mrs. Lynne M. Wait, Homewood, Illinois

Mr. John M. Warren I, Willowbrook, Illinois

Ms. Clare E. Rosean and Mr. Eliot R. Weinstein, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. J. Marshall Wellborn and Mrs. Fredrica R. Wellborn, New York, New York

Mr. Stewart D. White, Bembridge, United Kingdom

Ms. Barbara Boczar and Mr. William Widner, Davis, California

Dr. Bruce Beyer Williams and Mrs. Patricia A. Williams, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Ruth Wilson, Long Beach, California

Mr. R. Douglas Wilson and Mrs. Amy G. Wilson, Annapolis, Maryland

Dr. Robert C. Hunt and Dr. Irene J. Winter, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Mrs. Grace W. Wolf, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Joel L. Handelman and Ms. Sarah R. Wolff, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Alice Wolff and Mr. Rich Wolff, Chicago Heights, Illinois

Ms. Ann S. Wolff, Winnetka, Illinois

Dr. Christopher E. Woods and Dr. Jennie Myers, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. David Woolman and Mrs. Ina Woolman, Providence, Rhode Island

Mr. Stephen Wysham, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Rosalyn Yates, Downers Grove, Illinois

Ms. Carole Y. Yoshida, Orland Park, Illinois

Ms. Susan N. Young, La Grange, Illinois

Mr. John A. Zenko and Mrs. John A. Zenko, Libertyville, Illinois

Mr. James F. Nelson and Mr. Yongqiang Zhang, San Antonio, Texas

Ms. Amy Zillman, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. J. Raymond Zimmer, Charleston, South Carolina

†Recently deceased


The Oriental Institute gratefully recognizes the following individuals who generously made provisions for the OI in their estate plans that were received in the past fiscal year:


Ms. Mary Geneva Finn, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Julius Lewis, Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Esther Arnold Smith, Saint Louis, Missouri

Every effort has been made by the Oriental Institute to ensure the accuracy of this donor list. We sincerely apologize if there are any inaccuracies in the names or the contribution listings. If your name and/or giving information have been listed incorrectly or if you believe your name has been omitted, please notify our development office at (773) 834-9775 or oi-development@uchicago.edu to resolve these matters and update our donor records.