The Nubia Salvage Project

NUBIA - "Its glory and its people"


ebruary is Black History Month. What better way is there to celebrate black heritage than to journey back thousands of years before Christ to learn more about a glorious past? Great black empires and dynasties of grand pharaohs ruled in the cradle of civilization. Until recent years much of this exciting past in the land south of Egypt lay buried and lost.

The Oriental Institute Nubian Expedition uncovered a wealth of archaeology and added greatly to our knowledge of ancient Nubian history. It is with many thanks to the Oriental Institute Museum of the University of Chicago that Oak Woods is able to display these ancient artifacts from their world renowned collection.

Imagine . . . these artifacts may have been created by ancestors of this community hundreds of generations ago. Let your mind travel back in time as you view this exhibit.

Oak Woods has a very special interest in these artifacts. Many were found in ancient cemeteries. Throughout the history of mankind, burial customs have given modern civilization a history of the past and insight into man's most cherished memories.

This "Tower of Memories" with its beautiful marble halls is an appropriate setting for these past treasures and holds, as well, the memories of life today. Please enjoy the serenity of this tower of today along with the glories of the past.

Oak Woods Cemetery Association
Bruce Holstrom, President