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Oriental Institute Virtual Museum

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Oriental Institute Lobby and Suq (Museum Store)

The lobby of the Oriental Institute echoes the mission and interests of the Institute by incorporating ancient and modern Middle Eastern motifs into much of its decoration. The lamps were inspired by ancient Persian designs and the banisters of the stairway are modeled in imitation of lions from the Assyrian capital at Nineveh. The doorways to the sides of the stairs lead to Breasted Hall and the 58th Street exit, respectively. The classrooms, faculty offices and Research Archives are located on the second floor. The popular Suq (gift and book store) is in located in the lobby. Some of the stock of Middle Eastern carpets and kilms is displayed on the lobby walls.

The museum galleries are entered through brass gates decorated with Egyptian and Persian floral and geometric patterns.

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Revised: February 19, 2007

Home > Museum > Virtual Museum > Other Tours