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The Oriental Institute offers a mix of events and activities, including gallery tours, travel programs, hands-on workshops for children and families, exclusive members' programs, lectures, and rigorous adult education courses. The Oriental Institute is dedicated to engaging visitors of all ages and backgrounds with ancient cultures and the arts.

Event & Program Photography: The Oriental Institute has photographs taken at its events for purposes of future publicity and development communications. These photos help us convey the value of our research, education, exhibits, and events. Our photographer wears an Oriental Institute name tag. We appreciate your support. If you do not wish yourself or a child in your care to be seen in any photos, please let the photographer know of your preference.

At-Home Programs

At-Home Programs

Explore the OI from home! Take in an online lecture, discover something new to read, dive into a workbook on ancient history.

Member Events

Become a member of the OI and explore more with free and discounted programming!

James Henry Breasted Society Events

Join our exclusive James Henry Breasted society for invitations to small group events at the OI and beyond!

Adult Continuing Education Courses & Programs

Explore the ancient world through our onsite and online program offerings.

Family & Youth Programs

Investigate replicas of artifacts to solve the archaeological puzzle of our simulated dig site.

OI Travel Program

Travel with the OI on once-in-a lifetime journeys that open history and provide unique access.