Breasted Society Event

Babylonian Brews

October 29, 2008
7:00 pm

Post-Event Comments:

On Wednesday, October 29 we welcomed the Breasted Society to the OI for an event in homage to Oktoberfest- Babylonian Brews. By the dawn of history the ancient Sumerians had already perfected the art of brewing beer and the OI brought this history alive by explaining the brewing process and brewing the ancient recipes. Kathleen Mineck, contributor to the Chicago Hittite Dictionary and PhD Candidate, presented an informative lecture on the archaeological and textual evidence for ancient Sumerian beer brewing. After the lecture guests had the opportunity to taste three different ancient brews (wine, honey-wheat, and date) in replica ancient vessels from the Mesopotamian collection. The event was even capped off with an ancient beer drinking song. Thanks to all the Breasted Society members who attended the event.

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