Egypt’s Oases. A Journey through the Western Desert

The Oriental Institute Travel Program Presents

Lead by Dr. Nadine Moeller, Assistant Professor of Egyptian Archaeology, Oriental Institute
November 22 – December 9, 2013 (18 days)

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Dear Members and Friends of the Oriental Institute:

Dr. Nadine Moeller

The Oriental Institute’s storied history and famous expertise in Egypt, and the unique itinerary for this year’s trip, make this journey an unparalleled opportunity for adventurers who have always dreamed of seeing the Nile Valley and experienced explorers who can’t wait to return.

Should you choose to join archaeological expert Nadine Moeller on this tour, your trek will take you to the splendor-filled capital of Cairo into the sands far beyond the life-giving waters of the Nile, visiting the oases, temples and dreamlike landscapes of the western deserts. The route we’ve planned for this trip gives you the distinctive chance to follow in the footsteps of not only Alexander the Great as he conquered his way through the middle east, but in the footsteps of many Oriental Institute Egyptologists who have come before you, alongside leading authorities of today. Highlights include an in-depth encounter with the ancient city of Alexandria, and of course an exclusive look at the Chicago House Epigraphic Survey at Luxor, followed by a private cocktail reception.

We do hope you’ll choose to embark on this once-and-a-lifetime odyssey with Nadine and our onsite staff of experts, providing unequalled opportunity for educational and exhilarating travel through Ancient Egypt.

Gil Stein
Director, Oriental Institute

Dr. Nadine Moeller is an Assistant Professor of Egyptian Archaeology at the Oriental Institute. She received her PhD from Christ’s College in Cambridge in 2004. She has participated in numerous excavations in Egypt including the Ramesside Tomb Project at Luxor, West Bank (University of Heidelberg), excavations at Elephantine Island (German Archaeological Institute), the First Intermediate Period settlement at Dendera (French Institute in Cairo), joined the Memphis pottery project directed by Janine Bourriau, (University of Cambridge), the Old Kingdom town at Zawiet Sultan near Minya (University of Cambridge), excavated Old Kingdom mastaba tombs at Abu Rawash (French Institute in Cairo) and worked as archaeologist and topographer at the tomb of Merenptah (KV 8) in the Valley of the Kings (mission of The Louvre, Paris). She is been directing the Tell Edfu excavation since 2001.

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