Voyage through the Red Sea: Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sudan & Eritrea

November 6 - 22, 2011

Led by Dr. Emily Teeter

The clear, warm waters of the Red Sea bathe the shores of exotic desert lands steeped in timeless traditions. An astounding array of archaeological sites offer a link to the world's earliest civilizations, while thriving modern cities set their sights on a future of bright promise. This exciting itinerary includes visits to the fascinating, lesser-traveled countries of Sudan and Eritrea where, along with remarkable cultural encounters, we explore pristine coral wonderlands on unforgettable underwater adventures.

Our introduction to this corner of the Arab world begins with four nights of exploration in the hospitable country of Jordan—from the beautiful and ancient city of Amman to the breathtaking rose-hued ruins of Petra to T. E. Lawrence's fabled Wadi Rum. In Egypt we will be awed by some of the world's most heralded antiquities—the remote St. Catherine's Monastery, the vast temple complex of Karnak, and the astounding Valley of the Kings. The superbly preserved old town and the colorful souk of Jeddah, gateway to Mecca, welcomes us to Saudi Arabia, while daily life continues as it has for centuries in the small port of Suakin, Sudan. Eritrea's ethnic diversity is evident in Massawa's architectural mélange and the lively café culture of Asmara, while offshore, the sublime islands of the Dahlak Archipelago are a haven for seabirds and a natural paradise for marine life.

This wonderful itinerary will be complemented by scholarly commentary from Emily Teeter, Oriental Institute Research Associate, in addition to other expert lecturers. Emily's many years of experience traveling these routes and her knowledge and love for the ancient and modern Near East will add enormously to your travel experience.

Our exclusive charter aboard the comfortably elegant 110-passenger Clipper Odyssey will be shared with like-minded travelers from the Archaeological Institute of American and The Explorers Club. Join us as we explore the legendary treasures of the Red Sea!

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