Bring the Ancient World to your School, Library, or Community Group!

Program Topics

Ancient Egypt: Its History and Culture

Explore the land of the pharaohs, tracing 3,000 years of history.

Ancient Mesopotamia: A Trip Back in Time

Visit the land where cities were born and writing was invented.

Where Civilization Began: Egypt & Mesopotamia

Discover the lands and the people who built two of the world's earliest civilizations.

A Program Tailored to Your Interests

Our Outreach Programs Include

  • A slide presentation and discussion
  • Hands-on experiences with authentically reproduced artifacts
  • Arts activities linked to the ancient world

Program Fees & Reservations

A minimum of three weeks notice is required to reserve for an outreach program. There is a charge of $250 for groups of up to 35 people. For more than 35 people, $2.50/person will be added. Mileage charges apply for travel beyond Chicago city limits.

Call the Museum Volunteer Office at:

(7773) 702-2333