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The Oriental Institute Integrated Database Project (IDB)

The Oriental Institute’s Integrated Database Project aims to provide public access to information about the diverse research and object-based collections managed and cared for by the Oriental Institute.

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The project has been over eight years in the making, and has involved migrating data from the older Collections and Research Archives databases to the new KE EMu (Electronic Museum) database, and creating a ‘front end’ website portal to access the information. This launch includes both the Research Archives and the majority of the museum objects, not just those in the galleries, in the online database.

This is Phase one of a multistage project. We are currently working on transferring the Image database as part of Phase II, which is why you will generally not yet see images of objects on collections searches. Periodic reports on the progress of Phase II will be presented here.

Thank you to the following donors for their generous support.

Institute of Museum and Library Services
University of Chicago

Aimee Drolet


Annual Reports

Revised: April 8, 2014

Home > Research > Integrated Database Project