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The Oriental Institute’s Integrated Database Project aims to provide public access to information about the diverse research and object-based collections managed and cared for by the Oriental Institute via an online Collections Search. The project began in 2005 and has involved migrating data from the older databases to our new KE EMu (Electronic Museum) database. For public access to information about the Oriental Institute's collections, a public website portal was created and functional development to this "front end" will continue for the foreseeable future to provide access to more data and improve user experience.

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Aimee Drolet


  • September 2015: Upgrade to Solr 4.10.4
  • June 2015: Launch of Museum Archives tab including over 4000 records covering material from the archival collections
  • February 2015: Smart tabs feature enabled, only tabs with results will display and tabs without results will be hidden, search all tab removed, search all multimedia field added
  • January 2015: Development of the Oriental Institute Collections Search Wiki page for instructions in using the integrated database online
  • December 2014: Online Collections Search page redesigned with the following features: query builder moved to top of the page, highlights provided in a rotating slideshow, browse galleries options sorted alphabetically
  • 2014-2016 Phase 3: Migration of CAMEL Lab and Museum Archives into KE EMu database and development of two additional tabs on website portal for CAMEL and Museum Archives along with geo-spatial search capabilities for CAMEL data
  • 2012-2014 Phase 2: Migration of Photographic Archives (100,000+ records) and Museum Conservation (10,000+ records) into KE EMu database and development of third tab on website portal for Photographic Archives with links between Museum Registration records and Photographic Archives records
  • 2009-2012 Phase 1: Migration of Research Archives (400,000+ records) and Museum Registration (250,000+ records) into KE EMu database and development of beta website portal with two tabs for Research Archives and Museum Registration data silos
  • 2007-2009 Selection of software vendor
  • 2005 Assessment Report for the Integrated Database Committee
  • 2004 Formation of the Integrated Database Committee


Annual Reports


  • 2015 Foy Scalf, "An 'Integrated' Database: What, Why, and How," Oriental Institute, September 15
  • 2014 Foy Scalf, "Fulfilling Breasted's Vision: The Oriental Institute's Integrated Database Project," Visiting Committee Members Meeting, May 1
  • 2013 Foy Scalf, "Migrating to the EMu Platform: Expectations and Results," Oriental Institute, May 17
  • 2013 Foy Scalf, "The Scheme of the Great Bookshelves: The Research Archives of the Oriental Institute and Continuity with the Past," Young Professional Leaders Meeting, May 13
  • 2012 Foy Scalf and Helen McDonald, "Accessing the Ancient Near East: The Oriental Institute Integrated Database Project," American Schools of Oriental Research Annual Meeting, Session on Topics in Cyberinfrastructure, Digital Humanities, and Near Eastern Archaeology II, November 17