SAOC 22.

Hurrians and Subarians

Ignace J. Gelb

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The main object of this monograph is the elucidation of the status of Hurrians and Subarians within the historical framework of the ancient Near East. As is generally known, two scholars in particular -- Speiser in his book Mesopotamian Origins and Ungnad in his book Subartu -- have in recent years rendered outstanding service in assembling and presenting data on the Hurrians and Subarians. They both treated of the aboriginal population of Mesopotamia; but, while Speiser called it "Hurrian," Ungnad called it "Subarian." In accordance with their conclusions the practical equivalence of the two terms has become generally accepted. [From SAOC 22, "Preface," p. iii, by I. J. Gelb]

  • Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization 22
  • Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1944
  • Pp. xv + 128; 1 map
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