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Chicago Hittite Dictionary

2000–2001 Annual Report

Theo van den Hout

With the death of Hans Güterbock in the spring of 2000, the retirement of Harry Hoffner, and the arrival of his successor Theo van den Hout in summer 2000, the past year was one of transition and change. Despite all this, the Chicago Hittite Dictionary (CHD) project has not slowed down; on the contrary, every effort was made to stay on track and the present calendar year will see the publication of the first fascicle of our Sh volume, as planned. This attests to the strength and quality of the project and its entire staff.

Co-editors Hoffner and van den Hout sat together many times to establish the definitive text of the final drafts constituting Sh/1. This fascicle will contain all Hittite words starting in sha- up to shar-. The technical editing of the manuscript was done by Senior Research Associate Richard Beal with his usual meticulousness. He also oversaw the tiresome but important task of reference checking and formatting. Meanwhile Research Associate Oguz Soysal laid the foundation for future fascicles by writing first drafts of words starting with shu-, which in a few years will fill the projected third fascicle of the CHD, as well as many articles on words in ta-. Apart from his editorial work Beal also wrote first drafts of dictionary articles. Of great value are comments and general advice we received this year from our outside consultants Craig Melchert of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Gernot Wilhelm of the Julius-Maximilians-Universität in Würzburg, Germany.

Much effort was put into updating the files with the newly published texts and fragments. Since one new volume of the Keilschrifttexte aus Boghazköi (KBo) series appears each year and can contain over 300 fragments and other more incidental volumes are published (e.g., Vorderasiatische Sprachdenkmäler [VS] 28, or the recently excavated Kusakli-texts), this is a time-consuming task but one of vital importance to our project. This work was carried out by Research Associate Hripsime Haroutunian and van den Hout with the invaluable assistance from students Dennis Campbell, Simrit Dhesi, Kathleen Mineck, and Carl Thunem. Haroutunian finished her transliterations of KBo 38 and 39 while starting on KBo 31 (published later than volume 39!). Van den Hout contributed his transliterations of VS 28, the Hittite parts of KBo 37, and began work on KBo 40.

This ongoing stream of “new” texts has overtaxed our existing cabinet space. Fortunately, we were able to order five new file cabinets: two to replace those that were old and partially beyond repair and three additional cabinets. We took this opportunity to reorganize the files and with this the project is ready to face a new millennium or at least its first few years. Similarly, all three Research Associates were equipped with new computers, iMacs, making work a lot easier for all of us. On an organizational level monthly work meetings were implemented to discuss ongoing CHD business and anything new in Hittitology.

Hoffner and van den Hout, with the assistance of volunteer Irv Diamond, also worked together with Oriental Institute Director Gene Gragg on what one day will be the eCHD: the Hittite Dictionary in a fully searchable electronic format. Under Gragg’s guidance a few representative lemmata were experimented with and reviewed. It is estimated that the P volume should be ready to go online sometime in 2002.

A final high point in the past year was the awarding of a new grant by the National Endowment for the Humanities. The application was submitted in the early summer of 2000 and final word of approval reached us in May of this year. This award and the high praise of our reviewers is the best incentive to continue into the twenty-first century work on the Chicago Hittite Dictionary begun by Güterbock and Hoffner.

Revised: June 6, 2007

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