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Individual Scholarship

2000–2001 Annual Report

Thomas A. Holland

Thomas A. Holland was informed by the Oriental Institute Director and the Publications Committee that the two-volume archaeological report, text and plates, of the Tell es-Sweyhat final report was accepted for publication after having been reviewed by an external reader. Tony Wilkinson’s report on the landscape studies at Sweyhat and on numerous other sites in the plain surrounding the Sweyhat inner and outer towns was previously accepted for publication and will form the introductory volume of the three-volume final report in the Oriental Institute Publications series. The Publications Office is aiming to begin preparatory work on these volumes in 2002 with a publication date in 2003.

In the 1998/99 Annual Report, Holland reported upon the Sweyhat Roman period remains from two of the ten trenches that were excavated in area I (trenches IA1 and IA2), located on the southern slope of the main tell. Last year’s Annual Report contained the preliminary report on the Bronze Age and Hellenistic remains from the long step trench cut into the steep northern side of the central mound of the tell. During this academic year, the remaining area I trenches, not previously examined in detail, were studied. The results of that study revealed further information with regard to both the Bronze Age and Roman period occupations at Tell es-Sweyhat. A preliminary analysis of these periods of occupation are presented in a separate report in this volume.

On behalf of the Sweyhat Expedition to Syria, Holland once again wishes to express his appreciation to those who have previously financially supported the expedition’s work. He is also very grateful for the help he has received from within the Publication’s Office from Thomas Urban and from the present work-study students, Dennis Campbell and Leslie Schramer, who did a magnificent job scanning the photographic negatives, plans, sections, and pottery and small find illustrations that appear in this year’s Annual Report on Tell es-Sweyhat.

Revised: June 6, 2007

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