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The Joint Prehistoric Project

2000–2001 Annual Report

Robert J. Braidwood and Linda S. Braidwood

Asli Özdogan had thought to begin work again at Çayönü, but found this season she once more had to be at the early site near Urfa that is being excavated by the five female instructors of the University of Istanbul Prehistory Department.

Research continues on the Çayönü chipped-stone artifacts under the supervision of Isabella Caneva and her Italian co-workers. The Italians can only come for two short seasons each year, but the two Turkish graduate students, Güner Coskunsu and Çiler Altinbilek are making steady progress on the material. The Prehistoric Project helps this research by supplying modest stipends for the Turkish students.

The study of the animal bones also proceeds under the direction of Hitomi Hongo who comes to Istanbul three or four times a year from her institute in Japan. Richard Meadow also checks the study on his yearly trip to Asia. Gülçin Ilgezdi and Banu Öksüz have made great progress and also received their masters degrees (on red deer and cattle, respectively) from the University of Istanbul. Hitomi and Richard are eager for the girls to receive doctorates abroad, but this unfortunately does not seem feasible from the standpoint of finances and language.

In closing, our many thanks go to all the friends of the Prehistoric Project for their continued support and interest.

Revised: June 6, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 2000–2001 Annual Report