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Individual Scholarship

1991-92 Annual Report

Gene Gragg

Gene Gragg has begun to distribute preliminary versions of the Cushitic-Omotic Etymological Database, a computerized tool for investigation into the historical relationships of the vocabulary of the Cushitic and Omotic branches of the Afroasiatic superfamily of languages. He is now turning his attention to the problem of developing the same kind of tool for the study of Cushitic and Omotic historical grammar. This involves a number of preliminary studies developing data-structures to represent paradigms and form-sets together with the morphological generalizations and rules that underlie them and applying object oriented data-base techniques to keep track of these complex structures.

Articles and chapters are also being prepared for various collections involving the so-called "Unaffiliated" (i.e., non-Semitic, non-Indo-European) languages of the ancient Near East.

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