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Individual Scholarship

1991-92 Annual Report

Thomas A. Holland

Beginning September 1, 1991, Thomas A. Holland was appointed a Research Associate at the Oriental Institute for one year.

His main task during the summer and early autumn was the editorship of Oriental Institute Communications, vol. 26, Publications of the Oriental Institute 1906-1991: Exploring the History and Civilizations of the Near East, written to celebrate eighty-five years of publications by the Oriental Institute as well as in commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of the University of Chicago.

During October and November 1991, he was co-director of the fifth season of excavations at Tell Es-Sweyhat in Syria, which was jointly sponsored by the Oriental Institute and the University Museum of the University of Pennsylvania (see separate report). His responsibilities during that season included the overall supervision of four operations on the site, which were Operations 6, 7, and 8 in the large building complex constructed against the inner town wall where one of the city gates was discovered and Operation 5 on the southern slope of the site, where an Early Bronze Age painted wall fresco was discovered. During the season, he also worked on the pottery typologies from different periods of occupation and studied the small finds from these and other operations excavated.

At the end of December, he attended the annual meetings of the Archaeological Institute of America held in Chicago and helped organize the Oriental Institute book sales booth to promote a wider audience for all of the Oriental Institute publications.

During the early part of the new year his article entitled "Jericho" on the final results of Dame Kathleen Kenyon's excavations at Jericho was published in the Anchor Bible Dictionary (Vol. III, pp. 723-40). Later in the spring of 1992 he wrote an article, "Excavations at Tell Es-Sweyhat in Syria 1989-1991" for the Oriental Institute News and Notes, no. 134 (summer 1992), pp. 1-6, and also gave an Oriental Institute Members' lecture on May 13 entitled: "Recent Excavations at Tell Es-Sweyhat in Syria."

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