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The Development Office

1993-94 Annual Report

Cynthia Echols

During 1993-1994 our Visiting Committee, Legacy Campaign Executive Committee, members, and volunteers led the Oriental Institute to new records in project support. We closed the fiscal year with $2 million raised in support of facilities improvements, bringing the Legacy Campaign cumulative total to $4.4 million. Outreach and project awards and contributions brought total dollars raised for the year to $2,767,000, a 42% (some $1.59 million) increase over totals for 1992-1993. We thank the many generous contributors who made these gains possible. We also thank the corporations (see Honor Roll, below) whose matching gifts advanced our program support.

Priorities for the year were: (1) financing climate control, expansion, and renovation needs through the Legacy Campaign; (2) raising the public profile and recognition of the Institute and its programs; and (3) exploring new sources of support and revenue streams.

The Legacy Campaign closed the first year of its five-year effort with 43% of the needed $10.1 million raised. In the pages following this section you will find the names of the Campaign's Executive Committee, who played a key role in this most successful first year. We thank each of these individuals, in particular chairs Jill Carlotta Maher, O. J. Sopranos, and Ray Tindel. Donors to the Legacy Campaign are listed in the Honor Roll, below. We are most grateful to these individuals and corporations whose generosity and commitment to the Oriental Institute will ensure the preservation of our collections and the continued excellence of our programs and research initiatives. In May the Institute was awarded $900,000 from the National Endowment for the Humanities, Office of Preservation, in support of our climate control and renovation project. This grant was the third largest of all Preservation grants issued by the National Endowment for the Humanities this year and is the largest federal grant in the Institute's history. It provides national recognition of the importance of our Museum and collections.

A second focal point for the efforts of the Development Office this past year was raising public awareness of the Institute. We thank Breasted Society member Roger Isaacs for introducing us to Deborah Gordon of DPG Associates who graciously and generously consulted with us on public relations on a pro bono basis. Meetings and consultations this past year resulted in plans to capitalize on 1994-1995 and our celebration of the Oriental Institute's seventy-fifth anniversary. Plans include a gala dinner dance and silent auction on October 7, 1994 at the Hotel Inter-Continental with Robert McCormick Adams, former Director of the Oriental Institute and Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, as guest speaker.

Our third focus this year was exploring new sources of funding and possible revenue streams for the long term. Discussions with new funding partners - among them the Rice Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, and the Chicago Community Trust - were initiated. Through the efforts of Visiting Committee member George Joseph we began exploratory discussions with Microsoft Corporation regarding licensing and digitizing of images from major museum collections.

I wish to thank the individuals who volunteered in the Development Office this past year: Charlotte Collier, Mary Jo Khuri, and Janet Helman. Their efforts-as well as their good humor-made the past year both successful and enjoyable in our office. Thanks! And those who serve on the Legacy Campaign Executive Committee deserve high recognition for their many efforts in support of our facilities improvement program. I also wish to thank Jim Alexander who introduced us to a number of Chicago area funders and so graciously and ably expanded the Institute's network. Among the many docents who assisted with a variety of events and planning activities were Cathy Dueñas and Terry Friedman, our Volunteer Coordinators; Jane Belcher, Diane Posner, Masako Matsumoto, Bernie Shelley, and Larry Scheff. Many thanks to these and all the docents.

Our Visiting Committee met in November at the University Club courtesy of Marshall and Doris Holleb. Our spring meeting was postponed until early summer to fit with federal award announcement schedules. The committee's suggestions and recommendations, as in years past, proved invaluable. With great sadness we report the death of Visiting Committee Vice Chair Carolyn Z. Livingood. Carolyn's long years of service to the Institute have left a very memorable, enduring legacy for all of us. We will miss her leadership. Harvey Branigar, Jr., another long time committee member, passed away in the fall of 1993. We welcomed new committee members Crennan Ray and Patrick Regnery this past year. A complete Visiting Committee list follows this report.

We conclude 1993-1994 with more dollars contributed and pledged than in any previous year and with a growing network of community and media connections. All of our members can be proud of this record. We look to those members - their expertise, energies, and dedication - to help continue this pattern of growth and renewal in the year ahead.

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