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Individual Scholarship

1993-94 Annual Report

Billie Jean Collins

With one fascicle of the new volume in press and the rest soon to follow, work on the second volume of the Chicago Hittite Dictionary, words beginning with P, is coming to completion. Billie Jean Collins' time will then be freed up to contribute new articles for the forthcoming Í-volume of the Hittite Dictionary.

In addition, Dr. Collins continued to pursue her interest in comparative religion by presenting a paper in March at the American Oriental Society Meeting in Madison, Wisconsin. The paper, entitled "Some Common Features of Hittite and Greek Animal Sacrifice," will soon be submitted for publication. She also wrote a paper, "'Her Limbs are Good': Conceptions of the Human Body in Hittite Anatolia," for inclusion in a book entitled Materials for the History of the Human Body in the Ancient Near East, edited by Charles Jones and Terry Wilfong, and is currently working on translations of a number of Hittite ritual and omen texts to be included in a three volume work entitled The Context of Scripture, edited by W. W. Hallo.

Much of Dr. Collins' year was taken up by teaching responsibilities. She co-taught the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations course in Ancient Near Eastern History, covering the Anatolian History section in both the fall and winter quarters. Also in the fall, she taught a member's course, Cuneiform-by-Mail, for the Museum Education Program. In the spring she taught "The Religions of the Ancient Near East and Pre-classical Mediterranean Worlds" at Columbia College in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

The Newsletter for Anatolian Studies, which Dr. Collins edits, continues to prosper. The second fascicle of volume 9 appeared in December. The visibility that electronic mail provides has caused circulation to continue to increase at a rapid pace in 1993-1994.

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