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Individual Scholarship

1993-94 Annual Report

Harry A. Hoffner, Jr.

Once again, in 1993-94 Harry Hoffner used the majority of his research time for the directing and editing of the Hittite Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. In addition to teaching and committee work, he also traveled, lectured, and authored several articles and a book.

In late May and early June he accompanied a tour of Israel, the Greek islands of Crete, Myconos, and Rhodes, and the Turkish coast (Izmir and Ephesus), lecturing about the Hittites on board a Greek liner. In late June he flew back to Europe to participate in the Second International Congress of Hittitology, held in Pavia, Italy, where he lectured on aspects of Hittite grammar. From Italy he traveled in early July northward to Leiden, The Netherlands, to give a paper at the International Convention of Assyriologists (Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale). In March 1994 he gave a paper at the annual meeting of the American Oriental Society in Madison, Wisconsin. During the winter he acted as academic host for a post-doctoral research scholar from Armenia, Dr. Hripsime Haroutunian, who wished to use the Hittite Dictionary Project files and the advice of our staff for the preparation of a scholarly edition of a Hittite ritual text.

Publications submitted in 1993-94 include the three above-mentioned papers delivered at scholarly conferences, two articles (on "milk" and "milling") for the Encyclopedia of Assyriology, two articles (on "Hittites" and "Hittite language") for the Oxford University Press Encyclopedia of Archaeology, a chapter on the Hittite law code to appear as an appendix in Martha Roth's forthcoming book on Ancient Mesopotamian law collections, and two other articles for Festschrifts. Research in progress, but not yet submitted, includes a beginning grammar of the Hittite language, a second revised edition of his Alimenta Hethaeorum: Food Production in Hittite Anatolia (first edition in 1974), and a book edition of the Hittite Laws.

In addition Hoffner, together with volunteers Irv Diamond, Irene Glassner, Kathleen Mineck, and Denise Paul, is assisting emeritus Professor Hans Güterbock in the publication of a volume of his collected essays. Hoffner and Diamond are working together with Güterbock on the editing of the work, while the other three volunteers have generously given of their time to proofreading. It will be published sometime in the coming year by the Oriental Institute.

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