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Individual Scholarship

1993-94 Annual Report

Richard Jasnow

In Luxor Richard Jasnow's personal research focused on the final checking of the Hawara Demotic papyri manuscript. Now that his study of the Hawara documents is drawing to an end, he has also begun work on a joint project with Professor Karl-Theodor Zauzich of the University of Würzburg. Some years ago Professor Zauzich discovered a papyrus in the Berlin Museum, which he identified as the "Book of Thoth." The papyrus had been seen by Egyptologists around the turn of the century, but trace of it was lost. Jasnow accepted Professor Zauzich's kind offer of collaboration and they commenced to edit this rather mysterious composition. The designation "Book of Thoth" was given to the papyrus by those earlier Egyptologists, and in so far as they can judge, it is a perfectly suitable title. Dr. Jasnow and Prof. Zauzich have since identified further versions or copies of this text in the collections of Vienna, Paris, and Copenhagen. Thanks to a grant from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft they were able this past spring to go to the Louvre to study one of the relevant papyri. The "Book of Thoth" promises to keep him occupied for the next few years. During this last field season at Chicago House, he also benefited from the Luxor-Farshût Desert Road Survey Project of John and Deborah Darnell, who found in the Gebel to the west of Armant, a few miles to the south of Luxor, several Demotic graffiti. These well-preserved inscriptions can be precisely dated to the reign of Darius the Great. Richard and his wife, Christina Di Cerbo, have copied the graffiti and hope to publish the texts in Enchoria.

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