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Individual Scholarship

1993-94 Annual Report

Janet H. Johnson

During the past year, Janet H. Johnson went to Copenhagen for the annual meeting of the International Committee for the Publication of the Carlsberg Papyri and then traveled to Pisa for the 6th International Congress of Demotists, where she gave a report on the Demotic Dictionary (see separate report) and chaired the session of the meetings devoted to discussions on language and literature. From late November until early January, she participated in the Aqaba Excavations (see separate report). She served this year as President of the American Research Center in Egypt, which has just finished extensive renovations of its new and enlarged headquarters in Cairo and which is beginning to serve as the "umbrella" organization sponsoring and supervising preservation and restoration work on Egyptian monuments in conjunction with the Supreme Council of Antiquities (formerly the Egyptian Antiquities Organization) and funded through the United States Agency for International Development. Johnson served on the James Henry Breasted Prize Committee of the American Historical Association. She gave a lecture, "Prophecy in Late Period Egypt," to the Workshop on Ancient Societies at the University of Chicago and prepared a series of lectures on Egyptian astronomy for the Space Explorers Program that is run through the University of Chicago's Office of Special Programs (and coordinated, in this case, through the Oriental Institute's Education Office). Her article on "'Annuity Contracts' and Marriage" appeared in the memorial volume published by the Oriental Institute in honor of Klaus Baer and her remarks on "Computers, Graphics, and Papyrology" appeared in the Proceedings of the 20th International Congress of Papyrologists held in Copenhagen in 1992.

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