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The Chicago Assyrian Dictionary


Erica Reiner

The Chicago Assyrian Dictionary Project has again fared well in the competition for federal funds. Standing on its record of steady and timely publication, the dictionary project has had its funding renewed by the Research Tools Division of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). Though this time the renewal is for a period of two years, we are gratified to receive this award during a period of eroding support for the humanities, and we take pride in reading the laudatory comments on the dictionary project by the reviewers.

In 1994/95 most of the staff's energy and time were absorbed by the R and P Volumes. The 2,658-page manuscript for the R Volume was shipped to Eisenbrauns for typesetting in the spring of 1995 and we have begun to receive first galleys. As soon as we receive the first galleys, we distribute them to the members of the editorial board and the outside consultants. The R Volume is the first volume to be done by Eisenbrauns, and we are working with them to design a font that will match the previously published volumes of the dictionary. Thomas Urban of the Publications Office has been of immense assistance in answering our questions about fonts and font design.

Approximately half of the manuscript for the P Volume has been edited by Erica Reiner, the editor-in-charge, and Martha T. Roth, the associate editor. The P Volume will continue to occupy the attention of the staff during the next academic year.

Concurrently with these two volumes, a third volume, T, is also in the works. The final five hundred first galleys of T were returned to the printer and we have received the first 185 corrected galleys, which are then returned to be set as page proofs.

With the good news of renewed funding, we are again seeking a Research Associate to help with the dictionary project. Mr. Remigius Jas of the Free University of Amsterdam will leave us at the end of July 1995 to receive his doctorate and participate in a three-year research project funded by the Dutch government in Leiden. He arrived at the beginning of June 1994 for his second stint as Research Associate and has again been an invaluable collaborator. He contributed to almost every phase of the volumes in progress during this year, including the U/W Volume which is now the only one that remains largely unwritten.

Revised: February 7, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1994-95 Annual Report