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Individual Scholarship


Peter F. Dorman

A good portion of Peter Dorman's research time was spent on editorial duties involved with the first two volumes of the Survey's series on Luxor Temple, as well as the publication of the photographic registry of the Chicago House archives (see separate report).

Dorman was one of the speakers at the Luxor Day festivities sponsored by the Supreme Council of Antiquities and held in November 1994 to commemorate Carter's discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun. His topic was "The Opet Festival Reliefs of Luxor Temple: Composition and Continuity," which considered the Amarna period precedents for Tutankhamun's sprawling Opet scenes and explored the ways in which the episodic treatment of the festival is united by transitional elements to create a single, overarching composition, providing both a formal synchronous framework and a suggestion of internal chronological flow. In April 1995 Dorman also delivered a lecture at the annual meeting of the American Research Center held in Atlanta on the subject, "Creation on the Potter's Wheel at the Eastern Horizon," which derives from his ongoing work on ceramic canopic jar lids of the Eighteenth Dynasty. The paper traces the concept of the lowly potter's wheel as an instrument of daily recreation back from the Ptolemaic temple of Khnum at Esna to a corpus of related texts of the New Kingdom that include a well-known hymn to the sun, several underworld texts in the Theban and Tanite royal tombs, and the cosmological scene known as the Book of Nut. The spinning of the wheel by the creator sun god in the final hour of night signals the appearance of the newborn sun as a childlike flame whose glow illuminates the eastern horizon before daybreak.

Two articles authored by Dorman appeared last year: "A Note on the Royal Repast at the Jubilee of Amenhotep III," in Hommages à Jean Leclant , and "Two Tombs and One Owner," in Thebanische Beamtennekropolen , the proceedings of a symposium held at Heidelberg University in 1992.

Revised: February 7, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1994-95 Annual Report