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Individual Scholarship


Hans G. Güterbock

Hans G. Güterbock continued the work on the Chicago Hittite Dictionary Project. Because of his loss of eyesight he is doing this by discussing with Harry A. Hoffner the latest draft of each word and agreeing with him on the final wording. He was gratified by the fact that one fascicle was published during 1994 and the next will appear in 1995.

The year also brought the publication of an object which had occupied him for may years. This is a Hittite vessel made of silver and shaped like a human fist with a frieze in relief decorating the wrist like a bracelet. The vessel was for a long time covered with oxidation. When it was finally cleaned, Güterbock's eyesight had deteriorated to the degree that he had to leave the description of details to his younger coauthor Timothy Kendall, Associate Curator of Egyptian and Ancient Near Eastern Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. The article was published under joint authorship in The Age of Homer , a volume dedicated to Emily Vermeule. The frieze depicts a cult scene in which a king identified in hieroglyphs as Tudhalia pours a libation to the Storm God. Behind the king musicians playing lyres and cymbals are shown. The scene, thus, is a kind of illustration to the many known cult texts.

Revised: February 7, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1994-95 Annual Report