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Individual Scholarship


W. Raymond Johnson

This year Research Associate W. Raymond Johnson was the recipient of a Samuel H. Kress Foundation grant toward his personal research on the deification of Amenhotep III as reflected in the monumental art of the time. The grant allowed him to pursue vital field research and photographic documentation of primary, unpublished monuments of Amenhotep III in Luxor, Memphis, and Cairo, and also allowed valuable stops in England on the way to and from Egypt for additional research and documentation at the British Museum, University College, London, and Oxford University. Johnson paid particular attention to unpublished statuary and relief fragments from Amenhotep III's reign scattered throughout sites which have been largely overlooked in the past, and which are increasingly threatened by changing weather conditions prevailing in Egypt and the increasing depredations of man. The Medinet Habu precinct in particular proved to be a gold mine of such material, preserving remnants of colossal and life-size sculpture from Amenhotep III's nearby mortuary complex which were appropriated by Ramesses III for reuse in his own temple, and which now reveal significant new information about the decorative scheme of both complexes. In conjunction with his research on the problem of monuments of Amenhotep III reused by later kings, Johnson has been invited by the Egypt Exploration Society of London this winter to supervise the recording of limestone blocks of Amenhotep III which were reused by Ramesses II in a small temple to Ptah at Memphis.

This season marked Ray's sixteenth year with the Epigraphic Survey, and in his capacity as Senior Artist he continued to supervise and produce artwork for Reliefs and Inscriptions at Luxor Temple, Volume 2 , and the Hatshepsut/Thutmosis III Amun Temple project at Medinet Habu. With the invaluable assistance of Photographic Archivist Elinor Smith, Johnson finished compiling breakdowns of the Luxor Temple decorated stone-fragment material by king, original location, and subject for the Chicago House Photographic Archives database for future reference.

In September Johnson spoke at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore on the problem of relief work and sculpture of Amenhotep III found at Akhenaten's city of Amarna. This winter saw the publication of his preliminary study on selected portrait sculpture of Tutankhamun, Ay, and Horemheb in Amarna Letters 3, entitled "The Hidden Kings and Queens of the Luxor Temple Cachette," which highlighted some of the statuary recently found in the Amenhotep III solar court at Luxor Temple. He continued his ongoing study of an unusual style of naturalistic sculpture produced during the final decade of Amenhotep III's reign and is preparing that material for publication this summer. He is also consulting with the Egyptian Museum, Cairo, on the restoration of a head of Amenhotep III belonging to this category, excavated by the Oriental Institute at Medinet Habu, to the better preserved of two "fat" bodies found in Amenhotep's mortuary temple. In addition to his Epigraphic Survey work, Johnson is writing book reviews, doing the final editing on his article, "Amenhotep III and Amarna: Some New Considerations," for the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology , and is preparing his thesis for publication.

Revised: February 7, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1994-95 Annual Report