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The Hittite Dictionary Project


Harry A. Hoffner, Jr.

In June of 1995 we received the good news that we have again been offered a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to fund the Hittite Dictionary (CHD) project through June 1997.

Progress on the P volume of the dictionary has been good. We published fascicle 1 (pa-para ) during 1994/95 and fascicle 2 (para-patta ) in September 1995. The revision and reference-checking of fascicle 3 (patta-pu ) is going on as I write. We estimate that the third fascicle will be produced during 1996. But while our Research Associates Richard Beal and Hripsime Haroutunian finish that, co-editors Hoffner and Güterbock and Research Associate O©uz Soysal continue to hack away at the first drafts of S-words. We are about 75% through the S-words now. Soysal has written first drafts of twenty-one articles in the alphabetical range of SI and SU, totaling fifty-five computer-generated pages.

Our P volume is being set up in-house by Thomas Urban of the Oriental Institute Publications Office. This both speeds up the production and keeps the costs down. It is hard to beat the convenience of just taking our queries down the hall instead of telephoning or faxing to Indiana, as we did with the previous volume.

Drs. Harry Hoffner, Hans Güterbock, Rich Beal, O©uz Soysal, and Hripsime Haroutunian, volunteer Irv Diamond, and graduate students Steve Thurston, Simrit Dhesi, and Kathleen Mineck constituted the project staff during the last year. In June 1995, Dr. Billie Jean Collins left the staff of the Hittite Dictionary to assume the important post of Director of Publications for the American Schools of Oriental Research in Atlanta, Georgia. Her position was taken by Dr. O©uz Soysal. O©uz is of Turkish nationality and his early training was received there, but he finished his doctoral studies in Germany, specifically in Marburg and Würzburg. He brings a different training and background to our project, which we welcome. Twice a month he visits the Joseph Regenstein Library to systematically look through new periodicals and books of interest. In this way certain publications, which are not found in the Institute's Research Archives, are made known to members of the CHD staff. Soysal is compiling a bibliographical file that currently consists of 7,500 cards. This system is of great value to the project.

As in previous years, the National Endowment for the Humanities supplied us with the anonymous comments of the reviewers, and again these comments were extremely favorable. So, although it is sometimes frustrating that our work progresses relatively slowly, it is gratifying that the final product is of the highest quality.

Dr. Hoffner is preparing the application for a new grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The application must be submitted by July 1, 1996, exactly one year in advance of the expiration of our current two-year grant.

Revised: July 30, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1995-96 Annual Report