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Individual Scholarship


Hripsime Haroutunian

Hripsime Haroutunian continued to work on the Chicago Hittite Dictionary Project. In 1995/96 she spent much of her time transliterating newly published cuneiform texts from volume KBo 39, identifying them, matching them to similar fragments from the project files, finding duplicates, parallel fragments or joining pieces, and finally keying them into the project's main computer, thereby furnishing the Hittite Dictionary staff with the latest textual material. She also coached first year graduate students (Simrit Dhesi and Kathleen Mineck) in parsing and filing cards of the texts from volume KBo 34, which she had transliterated during 1994/95. Moreover, Haroutunian was also in charge of adding new cards or making corrections to those cards already in the files, incorporating all the new joining pieces or duplicate fragments in them, as well as the newly edited texts that appear now and then in different Hittitological publications. Besides her involvement with the Hittite Dictionary project Haroutunian is engaged in compiling an extensive bibliography on the most recently published articles and books in the field, being the sole editor and publisher of the Newsletter for Anatolian Studies --a semiannual bibliographic publication for linguistic, historical, archaeological, and philological research into pre-Hellenistic Anatolia. During 1995/96 she produced her first issue of the Newsletter (vol. 11/2) and almost finished the next issue, due in July 1996. Aside from this, she participated in the 206th Annual Meeting of the American Oriental Society in Philadelphia (March 1996) with a presentation entitled, "On the Hittite Ritual of Maåtigga Against Family Quarrels (KBo 39.8)," an expanded version of which she is intending to publish in the near future. She was also busy with revising and preparing for publication several other articles: "The Hittite Ritual Against a Curse (CTH 429)," "The Hittite View on the `Home/House' as a Reduced Model of the Universe," "New Armeno-Hittite Parallels," and "Hittite Festivals for the Storm-god of Kuliwiåna (CTH 329-330)." In addition, Haroutunian taught an Oriental Institute Adult Education Course entitled "The Hittites and Their Neighbors in Ancient Anatolia" in the spring of 1996.

Revised: February 7, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1995-96 Annual Report