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Individual Scholarship


Martha T. Roth

Martha T. Roth devoted most of her energies in 1995/96 to the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary (see separate report). In March 1996, Roth was named Director and Editor-in-Charge of the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary succeeding Professor Erica Reiner.

Roth's paper "Mesopotamian Legal Traditions and the Laws of Hammurabi," presented at the Robbins Collection and Chicago-Kent College of Law Symposium on Ancient Law, Economics, and Society, held at the University of California-Berkeley in March 1995, appeared in the Chicago-Kent Law Review 71/1 (1995): 13-39. A presentation for the University of Chicago Jewish Studies Committee on "Sacrifice and Substitution: Mesopotamian Perspectives on the Binding of Isaac," appeared in the student-produced journal Sources 2 (Spring 1996): 7-12. In November 1995, in Philadelphia, Roth participated in a panel sponsored by the Biblical Law Group of the Society of Biblical Literature on "Gender and Law."

As Ancient Near East Section Chair of the American Oriental Society (AOS), Roth was responsible for organizing the Ancient Near East program at the American Oriental Society Meeting held in Philadelphia in March 1996. In addition to the many individual papers and special panels of great interest, including panels on Ugarit and on Assyrian mysticism, a highlight of that meeting was the presentation of the AOS Medal of Merit to Professor Hans G. Güterbock. Back in Chicago, Roth co-chaired, with Professor Richard Saller, a colloquium on "Law Courts and the Mediation of Social Conflict in the Ancient Mediterranean World," bringing together philologists, legal historians, and legal anthropologists interested in Mesopotamia, Athens, Rome, and ancient Israel.

Revised: February 7, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1995-96 Annual Report