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Individual Scholarship


Emily Teeter

Emily Teeter's personal research continues to concentrate on the publication of materials from the Oriental Institute's excavations at Medinet Habu. It is hoped that the first volume, on scarabs, seals, and seal impressions (with a section on the Coptic material prepared by Terry Wilfong of the Kelsey Museum) will be in press in 1997. She has also devoted much of her time to editing a Festschrift in honor of Edward F. Wente.

Teeter attended the International Congress of Egyptology at Cambridge, U.K., where she presented a paper on a relief of Amunirdis. She also attended the annual meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt (for which she served as the program coordinator) in St. Louis, and the XIth Annual Conference Informatique et Égyptologie held in New York, dedicated to computers and technology in Egyptology, where she presented the Oriental Institute Virtual Museum site.

Teeter discussed the history of the Oriental Institute in both Los Angeles and St. Louis in conjunction with the exhibit "The American Discovery of Ancient Egypt." She was invited to speak on "Maat, Ethics and Social Responsibility in Ancient Egypt" at the Charles and Elizabeth Holman Symposium on Ancient Egypt at Fordham University, examining the question of the relationship of Maat and gnosis. She presented lectures at the World Affairs Council in Mt. Vernon, Illinois; the Archaeological Institute of America in Minneapolis; Beloit College; the Art Institute of Chicago; and she returned to Minneapolis for the University of Chicago Distinguished Faculty Series.

Emily assisted the Museum's Education Office with teacher and outreach training programs and with the help of Thomas Dousa and Alex O'Brien, Emily managed a record sixty-five students who subscribed to her Hieroglyphs by Mail course.

Publications for the year include a discussion of a fragmentary statue of Amunhotep Son of Hapu (Journal of Egyptian Archaeology ) and another on a relief of the god's wife Amunirdis (Varia Aegyptiaca ), as well as entries for Oriental Institute Museum objects in the catalog for the exhibit "The American Discovery of Ancient Egypt," and the entry "Medinet Habu" in the International Dictionary of Historic Places . She submitted a manuscript on ancient Egyptian ritual that will appear in a multi-author volume next year. Book reviews appeared in the Journal of Near Eastern Studies, The Classical Bulletin , and The Journal of the American Oriental Society . Teeter was invited to St. Petersburg, Florida to review a major exhibit of Egyptian objects.

Other projects include serving as a reviewer for grants from the American Institute for Yemeni Studies, appearing on several segments of popular television programs, and working with Doug Irvine of the Spertus Museum on a radio program dealing with ancient music. Teeter continues to serve as a consultant to the Art Institute of Chicago for the Cleopatra multimedia gallery guide and for the preparation of educational materials about ancient Egypt. Teeter led a tour to Oman, Yemen and the Emirates and traveled independently in Turkey and Syria.

Revised: February 7, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1995-96 Annual Report