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Individual Scholarship


Emily Teeter

Emily Teeter continued her work on the catalog of scarabs, scaraboids, seals, and seal impressions from Medinet Habu and expects to submit it to the publications committee this summer. Gold of Praise: Studies in Egyptology in Honor of Edward F. Wente, which Teeter co-edited with John Larson, was accepted for publication by the Oriental Institute in the series Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization. Other publications include a chapter entitled "The Life of Ritual" in Ancient Egypt, edited by David Silverman (New York: Oxford University Press), and brief articles in African Arts and KMT Magazine. Several other reviews were accepted for publication. She spent her weekends preparing a manuscript (jointly authored with Douglas Brewer) for a college level text book on ancient Egypt commissioned by Cambridge University Press.

Teeter presented a paper on the renovation of the Oriental Institute at the annual meetings of the Comité International pour Egyptologie in Boston and a paper on celibacy among priestesses at the annual meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt held in Ann Arbor. She also delivered lectures at the Denver Museum of Natural History, the University of Arizona at Flagstaff, the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Research Center in Egypt, and the Egyptian Studies Society in Portland, as well as at the University of Chicago Alumni Society, the South Suburban Archaeological Society, Northeastern University, and the Chicago Archaeological Society. She also served as a lecturer and escort for an Oriental Institute program "Egypt in New York" with visits to Egyptian collections and a similar program, "Egypt in Chicago" that focused on local collections.

The hieroglyphs by mail course again had a huge enrollment (65 students), which she could not possibly have managed without the help of Thomas Dousa and Alex O'Brien.

"Cleopatra, A Multi Media Guide to the Ancient World," for which she served as a consultant (author and image editor), opened as a permanent exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago in March. She acted as an informal advisor for the Detroit Institute of Arts presentation of the exhibit Splendors of Ancient Egypt.

Emily led a tour to Egypt and traveled independently in Yemen.

Revised: July 30, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1996-97 Annual Report