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Individual Scholarship


John A. Brinkman

John A. Brinkman wrote a short encyclopedia article on the Scythians. He collaborated with John A. Larson on an article discussing a missing fragment of the Khorsabad Kinglist (which appeared in the June issue of NABU). He wrote fourteen biographical entries for The Prosopography of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, volume 1, part 2; Daniel Nevez, Shelley Luppert-Barnard, and John Nielsen, graduate students in the Mesopotamian historiography seminar, wrote an additional seventeen entries. He collated tablets in the Harvard Semitic Museum (two brief visits in January and March) and continued cataloging the Kassite archives in the University Museum, Philadelphia (May). This year's research theme in the historiography seminar was the origin and early development of extended family groups in Babylonia, particularly in the Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages (ca. 1600-600 bc).

Revised: July 30, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1998-99 Annual Report