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Individual Scholarship


Claudia Suter

Claudia E. Suter continued her work as the coordinator of the Diyala Project. In January, her review of Elena Rova's study of Uruk period cylinder seals appeared in the Journal of Near Eastern Studies 58, and in May, her review article of Dietz Otto Edzard's edition of the Lagash II Royal Inscriptions including Gudea's Cylinders (RIM 3/1) appeared in the Journal of Cuneiform Studies 50, dedicated to Hans Gustav Güterbock. Her book entitled Gudea's Temple Building: The Representation of an Early Mesopotamian Ruler in Text and Image will be published in the series Cuneiform Monographs this summer. Still in press are a biography of Henriette Groenewegen-Frankfort for the anthology Women in Archaeology: The Classical World and the Ancient Near East, edited by Getzel M. Cohen and Martha Sharp Joukowsky, and the entry on the Oriental Institute Museum for the Neue Kleine Pauly. Several reviews, for the Journal of Near Eastern Studies and Aula Orientalis, on books about ancient Near Eastern seals, and an article on the Hittite stamp seal from Megiddo (in the Oriental Institute collections) for a festschrift are completed or near completion.

After twelve very instructive and productive years in the United States, eight at the University of Pennsylvania and four at the Oriental Institute, Claudia is looking forward to her return to Europe. She was accepted as a participant in the course entitled Museum und Arbeit offered by the International Summer Academy of Museology in Austria and will participate in the excavations of the Universities of Warsaw and Vienna at Tell Arbit in the Habur Region of Syria in September/October.

Revised: July 30, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1998-99 Annual Report