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Individual Scholarship


K. Aslihan Yener

During 1998, K. Aslihan Yener directed the fourth season of work at the Amuq Valley Regional Project in the Hatay, Turkey. Tell Kurdu was targeted as the first site for intensive excavation (see separate report on the Amuq Valley Regional Project). The location of the dighouse headquarters on the experimental farm of the Mustafa Kemal University (Selam Tesisler) was mapped out and plans for the first building were finalized. The upcoming excavation house and research program became the focus of a funding campaign both in Chicago and Antakya. To that end a committee of friends was organized to operate the campaign. Sel Yackley was elected as Chair, Matt Argon as Secretary. Other members include A. Lash, E. Singer, Y. Selçukoglu, T. Kuzay, E. Alp, and M. Akgön.

The work in the Amuq is published in "Oriental Institute Returns to the Amuq. 1998 Excavation Season at Tell Kurdu, Turkey," in News & Notes 161 (Winter 1999): 1-3; "Amuq Valley Regional Project," with T. J. Wilkinson, in The 1997/98 Annual Report, pp. 9-15; "1996-1997 Yillari Oriental Institute Amik Ovasi Projeleri: Yizey Arastirmalari, Arkeometri ve Tell Kurdu Kazisi" [The 1996-1997 Oriental Institute Amuq Valley Regional Project: Survey, Archaeometry, and Excavations at Tell Kurdu], with T. J. Wilkinson, in XIV. Arkeometri Sonuçlari Toplantisi, pp. 97-112 (1999); and "Analytical Investigation of Archaeological Powders from Göltepe, (Turkey)," with A. Adriaens, P. Veny, F. Adams, R. Sporken, P. Louette, B. Earl, H. Özbal, in Archaeometry 41 (1999): 81-90. In addition a new website was prepared for the Amuq Valley Regional Project: This URL is case-sensitive.

In addition to teaching and committee work, Yener delivered papers entitled "Integrated Center Approaches to the Anthropology of Archaeometry," at the Archaeometry as Anthropology, Material Culture and Technology Center for Archaeological Investigations, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, 20-21 March 1999; "Between the Tigris-Euphrates Basin and the Mediterranean Sea: Tell Kurdu Excavations, 1998," at the Oriental Institute; and "Fantastic Imagery in Prehistoric Anatolia," at Hokin Memorial Lecture, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 19 April 1999. Yener acted as the co-chair of a session entitled Integrated Approaches to the Study of Ancient Technology and Environment: Archaeological Science and the Potential for a Center Mode of Operation Society for American Archaeology meetings, Chicago, Illinois, 27 March 1999; "The Oriental Institute Amuq Valley Regional Project: The 1998 Tell Kurdu Excavations," Meetings of the International Symposium of Excavations, Surveys, and Archaeometry, 25-29 May, Ankara, Turkey; and "The Oriental Institute Amuq Valley Regional Project: The 1998 Tell Kurdu Excavations," Antiocheia Ad Orontes, a symposium on Excavations in the Hatay Province, Mustafa Kemal University, Antakya, Turkey.

Revised: July 30, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1998-99 Annual Report