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Publications Office


Thomas A. Holland

The staff of the Publications Office remained unchanged: Thomas Holland and Thomas Urban in the Editorial Office and Christopher Kahrl in the Sales Office. Most of the year was spent preparing the two Persepolis volumes, text and plates (OIP 117) and the Wente festschrift (SAOC 58), both of which are quite large. Some time was found to help Professor Martha Roth and Manuscript Editor Linda McLarnan guide Chicago Assyrian Dictionary Volume R to the printer and Volumes T and P to the typesetter.

Volunteer Irv Diamond scanned Professor Janet Johnson's Demotic Verbal System (SAOC 38) with optical character recognition software and oversaw proofreaders Ruth Caraher, Irene Glasner, Denise Paul, Kathy Mineck, and Thomas Dousa who prepared it for reprinting. Irv had previously done the same type of work for William Murnane's Ancient Egyptian Coregencies (SAOC 40), which we hope to reprint in the future.

Three volumes went out of print this year - Tomb of Kheruef (OIP 102), Thus Wrote ªOnchsheshonqy (SAOC 45; second revised edition), and Life in a Multi-Cultural Society (SAOC 51) - one of which, SAOC 45, we plan to reprint next year.

The Sales Office held its second book sale for members, its annual fall book sale for students, and sold books at the American Research Center in Egypt's Chicago conference, doing quite well at each.

Volumes Printed

  1. Reliefs and Inscriptions at Luxor Temple, Volume 2: The Facade, Portals, Upper Register Scenes, Columns, Marginalia, and Statuary of the Colonnade Hall. The Epigraphic Survey. OIP 116
  2. Changing Watercourses in Babylonia: Towards a Reconstruction of the Ancient Environment in Lower Mesopotamia, Volume. 1. H. Gasche and M. Tanret, eds. Joint Publication of the University of Ghent and the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. Mesopotamian History and Environment, Series 2, Memoirs 5

Volumes in Preparation

  1. The Assyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, Volume 15, S. Reprint
  2. Seal Impressions on the Persepolis Fortification Tablets, Part 1: Images of Heroic Encounter. M. B. Garrison and M. C. Root. OIP 117
  3. Gold of Praise: Studies in Ancient Egypt in Honor of Edward F. Wente. E. Teeter and J. Larson, eds. SAOC 58

Manuscripts Accepted for Publication

  1. Bir Umm Fawakhir: A Byzantine Gold-Mining Town, Survey Project 1993. C. Meyer, L. Heidorn, W. Kaegi, and T. Wilfong.
  2. Theban Desert Road Survey, Volume 1: Rock Inscriptions of Gebel Tjauti, Part 1. J. C. Darnell and D. Darnell.
  3. Scarabs, Scaraboids, Seals, and Seal Impressions from Medinet Habu. E. Teeter.
  4. Demotic Egyptian Texts in the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Joint Publication of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago and the Brooklyn Museum of Art. G. R. Hughes.
  5. Studies in the Archaeology of Israel and Neighboring Lands in Memory of Douglas L. Esse. Joint Publication of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago and Scholars Press. S. Wolff, ed.
  6. Excavations at the Prehistoric Mound of Chogha Bonut, Khuzestan, Iran: Seasons of 1976-1978 and 1996. A. Alizadeh.
  7. Cuneiform Texts from the Ur III Period in the Oriental Institute, Volume 2: Drehem Administrative Documents from the Reign of Amar-Suena. M. Hilgert.
  8. The Neo-Babylonian Texts of the Oriental Institute Collection. D. Weisberg.


    Revised: February 7, 2007

    Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1998-99 Annual Report