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Individual Scholarship


Richard Beal

Richard H. Beal spent much of his time reference checking and otherwise preparing the first fascicle of the Hittite Dictionary's Sh volume for publication. Beal read entries of this volume to Professor Güterbock, who was almost blind, for his invaluable comments, gleaned from some seventy years of experience reading Hittite. His comments were then noted. Minor things were entered directly into the computer manuscript, while Beal took substantial matters to Professor Hoffner to be hammered out. Often Beal had to provide one or more revised drafts, particularly of the longer articles, before these passed muster with Professor Güterbock. These were then passed on to Hoffner for review and further discussion with Güterbock, where needed. Meanwhile, Beal copy edited the texts that he had been reading to Güterbock, which will make the job quicker when these dictionary articles return to his desk. During the course of this year a number of long Shi- words and most Shu- words were read to Güterbock and approved by him. Also, frequently Professor Güterbock's thoughts on one of these later Sh words required re-reading and rethinking and occasionally reprocessing of earlier Sh words. Beal also entered the other project member's corrections made from reference checking into the dictionary articles, chasing down and solving the remaining difficult problems that they had been unable to solve. In addition, Beal transliterated a section of newly published volume 41 of the series Keilschrifttexte aus Boghazköi, which contains questions to the gods and the gods' answers, for the dictionary's files.

This year with Professor Hoffner, his teacher, retiring, Beal suggested to fellow students of Hoffner, Gary Beckman of the University of Michigan and J. Gregory McMahon of the University of New Hampshire, that a volume of papers on Hittite topics should be organized in honor of these events. As the senior student, Beckman has now taken the lead in this endeavor. Some twenty-nine Hittitologists - students of Hoffner, present and former staff members of the Hittite Dictionary Project, and other colleagues - from England, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, and the United States contributed by the deadline. (Twelve others promised to contribute but we are still waiting.) A copy of the manuscript was presented to Hoffner as a surprise in January by Beckman and Beal. For this volume, Beal has written an article on the beginnings of Hittite history. He argues that if one takes literally the odd genealogy given by Hattushili I, trusts the order given in the offering list of dead royalty, properly places the history of Hittite relations with the kingdom of Zalpa in the reign of Hattushili, and pays proper attention to the genealogy given to the Hittite royalty mentioned therein, one can come to a clearer understanding of the period of the Hittite kingdom preceding the reign of Hattushili I.

Revised: July 30, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1999-2000 Annual Report