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Individual Scholarship


David Testen

Now that the manuscript for the P volume has been dispatched to the printer, the staff of the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary Project has turned its attention to compiling and editing the remaining volumes, T and U/W. In addition to assisting Professor Martha T. Roth in reviewing the manuscripts for the T volume articles, David Testen has been working on examining proofs of the P volume and contributing to the writing of U/W. Testen has also continued his historical linguistic research, with studies devoted to several topics in the Semitic and Indo-European fields. Publications which have appeared over the course of the past year are "On ºinna, ºanna et alia," Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XII, edited by Elabbas Benmamoun; "Conjugating the `Prefixed Stative' Verbs of Akkadian," Journal of Near Eastern Studies; and a pair of notes in Notes assyriologiques brèves et utilitaires, "Parsing an Iranian Participle, Dar. 388: 2" and "A Verb Reread, TCL 12 122:20." He also delivered papers at the Chicago meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, "Excrescent Obstruents in the Development of Semitic Stems," and the joint session of the North American Conference on Afroasiatic Linguistics and the American Oriental Society in Portland, "Palatalization and the Early Akkadian Sibilants." Forthcoming publications include "Stem-Final *-kk- in Celtic Terms for the Pig" in the Dublin journal of Celtic studies Ériu, "The Amyrgian Scythians and the Achaemenid Empire" in the Vladikavkaz journal of Ossetian studies Nartamongae, and book reviews in the Journal of Near Eastern Studies and Diachronica.

Revised: July 30, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1999-2000 Annual Report